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Thursday, June 8, 2006

Past Events.Bar Harbor Tour [June 1 to 4th 2006]Hosted by Vettes of Coastal Maine
Total Corvettes attending event: 96Canadian Participation River Valley Vettes [9 Corvettes ]of Southern New Brunswick 14Greater Moncton Corvette Club 3Corvette Club of Nova Scotia 3Two RVV Corvettes arrived on Thursday, Jim & Daphne Hamilton,Dale & Leann Case, Seven Corvettes arrived on Friday. Kenny’s, Wood’s, Gould’s, Good’s, Terris’s, Johnston’s and Rousselle’sWeather on Thursday and Friday was great. Top down weather both days. Following the downtown walking poker search and the Corvette poker run on Friday afternoon, a meet and greet was held in the Great Room of the Bluenose Inn from 4 pm to 6 pm. President Doug Lee made a speech welcoming all Vetters and describing events for Saturday. Drinks were available at the bar and finger-food was provided. Due to the rainy weather on Saturday morning, the show and shine was held in the main parking lot of the Wonder View Inn. Friends gathered and new acquaintances were made, many pictures taken and car judging was made, with great door prizes handed out. This was followed by a tour to the South West Harbor and returning via Acadia Park and Cadillac Mountain.Busses were provided to all who took part in the banquet (Night at the Oscars) at Atlantic Oakes. The banquet room was full of very distinguished celebrities and each received his or her oscar.Sunday morning found Vetters leaving at varied time for breakfast and the wet return trip home.A great time was had by all and we all vowed to return again in 2007. Only mishaps can be described as wet feet.Looking forward to our trip again with more RVV members next year.
Ron GouldFor River Valley Vettes.

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  1. More photos of Bar Harbour on the link at the right Tom's Photos


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