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Sunday, June 18, 2006

The trophy winners of the RVV 2006 corvette show

The trophy winners of the RVV 2006 corvette show
Originally uploaded by redvette.

Kelly Kelly took home The People's Choice with her 70 coupe.
Andre Richards took home Presidents Choice with his 80 coupe.
Leon Caissie took home 1st place with his 2006 roadster.
Roger Boudreau took home 1st. place with his 2000 conv.
Arnie Adams won 1st place for his1993 roadster.
Tom Hiltz won 1st place with his 1989 coupe.
Danny Nason was1st place in his class with his 1982.
Daniel Lanteigne was 1st in the1973-1977 class.
Anne Lee won with her 1971 big block
Kevin Douglas was 1st with his 1964 roadster.
Bill Brown was the winner in his class with his 62 roadster.

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