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Sunday, July 9, 2006

Moncton's 15th Annual Corvette Show

Moncton's 15th Annual Corvette Show
Originally uploaded by redvette.

Trophy winners
1953-1962 Raymond Harrison with his white 1958
1963-1967 Harvey and Beryl McAusland with their grey 1965
1968-1972 David Ronayne with his red 1971
1973-1977 Robert and Louise Gallant with their orange 1975
1978-1982 Mike Brown with his green 1979
1984-1989 Tom and Lois Hiltz with their red 1989
1990-1996 James and Fran Good with their green 1995
1997-2004 Kelly Kelly with her red 2002
2005-2006 Leon and Jocelyn Cassie with their red 2006
St .John took home the trophy for club participation and Roger Harrington picked up the trophy
Jacques and Monique picked up an award for their efforts in the club

Robert and Louise Gallant also picked up the People's Choice Award

1 comment:

  1. Several photos are missing as they left before the trophies were presented. I guess it just got too hot for them !


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