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Sunday, July 23, 2006

St Martins Car Show & Shine

St Martins Car Show 2006 052
Originally uploaded by redvette.

Nice temperatures and great entertainment from "Big John and his Gang" was the menu for Saturday's run to St. Martin's by the Sea ! Three cars made the trip [ Ron & Anne, Paul & Judy and myself and Lois]
We met Charlie Gormley already there as well as members from the St John club and Roger and Angie from the Moncton club.We were invited to a barbeque at Angies' sisters BIG PINKHOUSE in St Martins after the show where she graciously gave us a tour of the beautiful huge home,
Roger was the cook and did a wonderful job of diguising the burnt hotdogs but Bill Brown finally discovered what he was doing. That's ok Roger ,you did a great job and we would like to thank Angie, you and your sister for your hospitality. Bill came along and parked his MUSTANG beside our vettes on the front lawn[ well you kinda had to be there ]Anyway the show was a great sucess [ we had an outing without rain] Too bad we never had more paticipation. You would have enjoyed the day !!

Posted by Tom Hiltz [redvette] For photos click on the link below or go to Corvette Sets on Flickr


  1. I was really surprised when I saw how FEW cars went from RVV...............Looks like it was a terrific place for a 'show/fun time !!!!
    My excuse was that I had to play ball Sat & Sunday as well as do an agility trial both days..........

    The corvetters that 'complain about 'not enough 'corvette stuff to participate in shd have been there !!!
    NOW, if only I could arrange to have a week-end FREE when one of these drives is happening!!!!

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