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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Jim D'Arcy's 1938 Chevrolet Business Coupe-Jim is a member of the River Valley Vettes

At least 5 Corvetters made it to the Noonan Nationals on Sunday. Alfred Kenny,Jim Good, Kevin Douglass, Charlie Gormley and the main reason for this little article Jim D'Arcy. Jim is not only still racing but still racing the same car he was class winner with at the 1966 Canadian Nationals in Ontario. I just had to get his picture next to his 1938 Chevrolet Business Coupe.This car is a piece of history and stands out from all other drag cars. It's powered by a 327 with Crane roller cam, Corvette Fuelie heads and a pair of Holley 660's. If you ever get a chance watch this car run do it. When you see the wheels in the air and Jim shifting this 4 speed it will take you back in time.
Subnitted by Alfred Kenny and Posted byTom Hiltz aka [ redvette ]

1 comment:

  1. well, I am impressed ..doesn't look much different than the '70's......same with the car !!!!!


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