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Friday, September 22, 2006

River Valley Vettes to Meet Cruise Ship

River Valley Vettes
Originally uploaded by redvette.

To all Corvette Club Members.

The NATIONAL CORVETTE MUSEUM 5th ANNUAL CRUISE takes place this September, with the cruise ship arriving in Saint John on Wednesday, 27th of September, around noon. Kelly has been in contact with the cruise director and has confirmed that they would be greatful if members of our local Corvette Club would be able to meet the cruise ship Corvette members as they depart the ship in Saint John Harbour. Possibly have a meeting place at a local pub around dock area. This is being arranged as well as a parking space for about 20 Corvettes.

We would like to have as many members attend this function as possible (Taking into consideration this is a regular work day). All clubs are invited to attend, and hoping that this will bring more Corvetters to meet the cruise ship.

Anyone interested, please let myself or Kelly know as soon as possible. We will be in contact with any updates, and the probably meeting time would be at 10:00 a.m. at the Lincoln Big Stop next Wednesday 27 Sept.

Kelly says: ...........the ship arrives at 12:00 NOON...leaves at 7 PM................we hope to have some a small gift for them..(care to suggest anything ??)...ONLY 51 corvetters...a great chance to meet some Corvetters from throughout U.S. California, Pennsylvania,Kentucky,Florida and Georgia....(and other States)...a chance to make an acquaintance that you might connect with at a later date..a channe to get on a first name basis with someone from the Corvette Museum.............a chance to do a super fun corvetting thing !!!!!!!!

The travel agent suggested the nearby pub, etc.,...heck maybe someone wd like to take them somewhere for a drive.....and DO realize that there is a good chance they have already booked tours........maybe we will only see them at 1 PM - ish and they will head off on a tour...........
by Kelly Kelly
Posted by Tom Hiltz aka [redvette]

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