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Sunday, October 1, 2006

Clark's Corvette and Tuner Car Display

Clark's Corvette and Tuner Display
Originally uploaded by redvette.

Saturday ,September 30th was a beautiful day for a car Show at Clark's Chevrolet Dealer on Prospect St in Fredericton.A good turnout with 34 corvettes and 20 tuner cars [ rice burners ? ] Big event of the day was John Clark's new Z06. He was gracious enough to let several members take it out for a ride. One word "WOW !" Everyone that was lucky enough to go for a spin were deeply impressed. Jim Hamilton had a grin on his face all day long ! Thank's John !
Several corvettes from the port city and a few from Moncton made the show and would like to thank them for coming !
After the show we all went to Carmen's Thunder Alley simulated Nascar Racing where we all had fun in the simulated computer cars.
Supper was to follow at Mamma's Pub where John Clark and his lovely wife Pam joined us.
Later several members went to Kelly's 60th birthday party at the Fredericton Golf and Curling Club where fun was had by all !
Posted by Tom Hiltz aka [ redvette ]

For more photos from the day click on the link below

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