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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Cure for an Itchy Foot

Here's an old recipe that I found to alleviate an itchy foot.

Take one corvette (any color. If it's old and over ripe that's ok too)
Add approximately 15 gallons of gas
Roll..... All windows down ( removing top is optional) ((the cars top folks, the cars top!!!))
Add .....two occupants (any size, weight, color)
Blend one sunny afternoon at low temperature (about 80 degrees)
Gently and release the petals until the sun goes down (or the itch goes away-which ever occurs first)
((be careful not to work the petals too vigorously! This could over agitate the mixture causing the itch to be replaced
by a red facial rash, followed by a fine from the author of the "Cookbook On Proper Sequence"-COPS)
And finally ... SMILE.
........ That should do it.......
(reprinted from the COPS Cookbook, 1967 edition , Fredericton, New Brunswick)
Cheers everyone
Have a Safe and Merry Holiday among your family and friends
Written by Carman Schwartz & Posted by Tom Hiltz aka [redvette]

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