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Sunday, January 14, 2007

RVV "After X-mas " X-mas party

Hi Folks :
It`s still early in the morning and Julia and I are still talking about the wonderful evening we had with the club . We especially wanted to thank Kelly , Kevin , John T. and Heather . Kelly for her efforts in managing the night with the entertainment ,the prizes and arranging for the " I'm a ---- nut " tree ornaments . That was a nice touch . Kevin for providing his turn of the century home and period contents for 40 people to gather and socialize in and providing an endless supply of finger foods . John T. for his usual creative , entertaining and humorous presentation of the " yankee swap ". Good job John ! Finally , Heather ( Kevin's sister- in- law ) for giving up her Saturday evening and Sunday morning to set up and clean-up party central , and keeping the dining room table full of food all evening . Very gracious and thoughtful .
This was one of the best gatherings we have attended !
Thank You,
Vernon and Julia
Thanks Vernon ,you've just made my job a lot easier !
Written by Vernon Patriquin and posted by Tom Hiltz aka [silverfox]
For more photos ,click on the link below !

Thanks Vern. It was a fun night.....Kevin's sister in law, Heather,..(hope she gets to see that !!!:))))))) ) was a terrific hostess, I thought !!! Yes, were as well !!! None of us expected you to supply all those tasty me, they were appreciated by all !

Vern, I am still grinning about you planning to do " Kissing UNDERWEAR" as your charade !!!!! THAT was way too funny !!! And, that Arnie........WHAT A HOOT !!!! and what great underwear !!!! SORRY that I put a kink in your 'plan...BUT, we all appreciated your 'presentation anyway !!! Your 'prize of all those 'balls seemed most appropriate , don't you think ?

Bob ,on the piano , certainly brought back memories of 'old times........I hope we will hear more of Bob's piano playing when Fiberglass Alley '07 comes along........And what about those guitar players and singers ? Tom and Alfred.....OH I HATED TO LEAVE - (as many of you noticed !!)

Hope you will each have good memories of a fun time at the 'after Xmas Xmas Party with fellow RVV 'ers each time you look at your 'corvette nut !!!

Don't forget next meeting at Frank's - first Tuesday of February.....we have a LOT of planning to do - bring or send your ideas for a shirt logo, etc..etc etc...and any other ideas you have regarding the Fiberglass Alley '07 - let's have a volunteer for event CHAIR and maybe even a Secretary......if we wnat a 'strong club, we need more input and support from all members ! I will be away from January 17th to 30th......(Hope to see lots of emails with your suggestions when I arrive back in Fredericton !)

Written by Kelly Kelly and posted by Tom Hiltz aka [silverfox]

save the wave !

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