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Sunday, January 7, 2007

Vettes out for a drive in January ??

We had the vettes out today. We only went up & down our street, since there is a lot of salt still on the main highways, but this is the first time in 32 years that we've been able to actually drive the vette later than Dec. We always drive them back & forth in the driveway on a sunny day during the storage period, just to keep everything happy, but I took pictures of Roger actually driving on a bare, salt-free street. We had sooo much rain yesterday & with today's sun, it is ideal conditions to take the babies out from under the covers & give them a little fun (Roger too).
If this keeps up, we'll go to the After-Christmas-Christmas party with the vette. ;-) I know, I know it IS NB afterall. :-(
Posted by Tom Hiltz aka [redvette]

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