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Sunday, August 12, 2007

Chipman Show & Shine 2007

Saturday ,August 11th saw members from the
River Valley Vettes travel to Chipman for their
annual Show & Shine. A great turnout with around
74 cars and trucks ,motorcycles and anything else
that was on wheels showed up. Ron & Anne Gould, Kelly Kelly, Vernon Patriquin, Joe & Charlene Travis, Arnie & Gloria Adams,& Tom & Lois Hiltz met up
with Charles Gormley at his residence and then Charles
led us into Chipman where Kevin Douglas who was already
there.Here Kelly's dog, Harleigh won the hearts of"Little
Mr & Little Miss Chipman" by performing on his skateboared
amongst other little tricks. After the car show we followed
Charles back to his place for some photos around his & Minerva's
beautiful property. To top the day off a swim and a barbeque
at the Gormley's was in order where Kelly found herself
in the pool whether she wanted to or not ,thanks to Ron
& Kevin. You better watch her Kevin ,she says she doesn't
get mad , she just gets even ! I'd like to thank Charles &
Minerva for opening up their lovely home and property and
for that great meal ,that went on forever.
For photos and video click on the links below !
Video --
Written and posted by Tom Hiltz aka [redvette]

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