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Monday, August 6, 2007

RVV August Meeting in Woodstock

Sunday ,August 5th saw members from the River
Valley Vettes travel to Woodstock for the monthly
club meeting.Among the cars that made the trip
were :Jim & Fran Good,Vernon & Julia Patriquin,
Ron & Anne Gould,Charles & Minerva Gormley,
Kelly Kelly & Bob Cromwell paired up,John & Dawn
Garwood,John & Linda Duncan,Paul & Judy Melanson,
Sam & Kathy Dow and Tom & Lois Hiltz. We were happy
to pick up Peter & Marilyn Wood along the way,making
the total number of cars 11. Meeting us in Woodstock were
Danny Nason and Joe Travis.We all had breakfast and
then got the meeting out of the way, ready for a short run
to Houlton where we waited in line for 45 minutes to
get some cheaper gas?[Forgetting it was the long weekend]
We then crossed over at Bridgewater and on to Centerville
and then to Joe & Charlene Travis's. After awhile of touring
the Travis's beautiful property and sneaking some tasty
raspberries ,Joe lead a few cars on to Grand Falls for a run
and some more pictures.We then headed back to the Travis's
where Charlene had a feast laid out where I know she was
preparing for days.great meal Charlene !!
On behalf of the River Valley Vettes , I would like to thank
Joe & Charlene for the great day & their hospitality and the
opening up of their lovely home to the club.
For pictures of the day click on the links below !
Short video --
Kelly's Photos of the run ,click on link below
Written and posted by Tom Hiltz aka [redvette]

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