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Thursday, August 30, 2007

Storm at Carlisle

It wasn't a tornado.It may have been wind shear. I attached some photos of the aftermath.
Temperature dropped about 30 F degrees in about 30 seconds; electrical storm was severe
with driving winds and rain.It lasted about 15 minutes just after the regular Saturday
evening parade left for the downtown - most of these vettes curiously escaped the damages.
Show went on - everyone picked up the pieces, some concession stands closed early the next
day.The real concern was for the 57 display which had the finest examples of 57's in North
America and a rather loosely erected tent --- see the pix.Some injuries ( thought to be 17
required medical attention), and some significant damage to very valuable collector vettes,
pro streets,and special cars was the result.Some concessions reportedly lost a lot of
Bill, Mark, and I were holding down an awning for 15 minutes with every intention to
"let go" if its anchors were to advance much further.As it was, we had little damage
and we were lucky I guess.
Written by Cyril McNeil and posted by Tom Hiltz aka [redvette]
Thanks to Cyril McNeil for supplying the photos !
For photos of the event click on the link below !
For more photos and video click on the link below !

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