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Monday, March 31, 2008

RVV 2008 Bowling Champs

Well, it finally happened.......RVV had to break down and bowl up to their full potential.....We decided it was time to stop sandbagging and 'bite the bullet'. We sort of heard that it didn't matter if we won or lost, the idea of winners hosting next year was over !!! RVV even lost three bowlers after the first string ! (two were previous 'stars) to "ear" problems..Thank Goodness , one of the stars performed well before she had to leave !!! ........but, RVV endured !!! Without Bill Brown there to distract us,there was a definite difference ! Moncton's top scores were: 99,94,81 and 81 for 355...having Roger and Bob really put those gals at a disadvantage :))) Actually, it was difficult to bowl when that bright distraction bouncing off Janice's left hand ..IF RVV had not 'won, I would have had to dispute it because there were times we could not see the pins/we were blinded !......The Moncton gals really did their best . By the way, because Moncton had only four bowlers, we used only the top four scores of the night from all bowlers to determine top team of the night ! - seemed fair to Lindsay and KK - who , for some reason or another took over the organizing for the 'missing in the sun Bill Brown.....Saint John must have counted gutter balls....:))they came up with 399...scores of 106, 99 and 94 108,.....seemed impossible, but Don was really a Super a strike that won him a big 'house jackpot !!!! Then, along came River Valley Vettes..must have cheated all the way - they had 120, 116, 100 and 99......The good news is that the format for hosting has will not be decided by winning or will just go from Club to Club with Moncton hosting next year's tournament!!
Seriously, it really was a fun filled evening. Please note that due to my fear of being decapitated by the bowlers involved, I deleted quite a few pictures.....So, if YOU were at the bowling but not in the pictures, say "thank you, KK"..................I actually had made a pont of taking a picture of everybody ~!!
Sure hope all who missed bowling in Saint John on March 29th know that they missed a really good night....and we missed you all, too !!!! Look forward to seeing you as soon as the snow disappears...or, at least at Moncton for the ACCC meeting !!!
Thanks to CSNB for hosting us. The pizza was delicious and there was enough for everybody !!!!! It is so much fun to have all clubs having fun together !
For photos of the evening click on the link below !
Written by Kelly Kelly and posted by Tom Hiltz aka [ redvette ]

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