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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Lights , Camera and Action

"Lights, Camera & Action "was the order of the day
for Terry & Jacquie Blackburn's 1976 Corvette coupe
during 16 days in November. The made-for-television
film , "Blue Seduction"had local film buffs exited in the
city of Fredericton,as Billy Zane & Estella Warren used
the capital city as the backdrop for the steamy thriller.
Terry's corvette's plates "The Legend" were replaced
by Vermont plates and the star of the film ,Billy Zane
used the vette for his personal car in the movie.Jackelyn
Giroux wrote the screen-play & Global Universal is
developing the movie.The movie, which is being filmed
for Super Channel in Canada & Starz in the United States
will be aired in the spring.Making cameo appearances
in the film are Terry Blackburn as well as Tom Hiltz of
the River Valley Vettes.I may have to come out of retirement
after all this exposure ! David & Richard Wade , "the
Singing Dentists"from Fredericton ,appear in the movie
performing songs they wrote for the film.
For photos of the filming , click on the link below !
In this weeks addition of the Oromocto Post and several
other small papers in Fredericton, there will be a story
on the movie.
Written & posted by Tom Hiltz aka [ redvette ]

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