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Friday, March 27, 2009

RVV Bike Gang

River Valley Vette members apparently parked their vettes and took to the bikes. Seen here 6 members from the club are taking advantage of the beautiful Florida weather and getting some fun and exercise at the same time. Pictured from left to right are : John Duncan, Kevin Douglas,Heather Terris , Bill Brown, Linda Duncan and Terry Terris...... Wonder where Bob C is ?
Written & posted by Tom Hiltz aka ( redvette )


  1. The Happy Gang. Guess they are now too old to handle a 2 wheeler. They say as you grow older you revert back. I remember when I had a tricycle..........

  2. vetters on a 3 wheeler???...ya gotta be kidding!!Is that what the warm weather does to you? I got back home just in time..

  3. Ya gotta be kidding--- vetters on 3 wheelers??? I gotta save this pic!! I hope you guys weren't terrorizing the neighborhood.

  4. well, someone had to take the picture !!! Caption could read The 'Paradise Group Ride Again....great picture...hope each bike had a GPS.....!!-kk


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