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Monday, August 10, 2009

CSNB Show & Shine 2009

Saturday August 8th couldn't have been a nicer day for the Corvettes of Southern New Brunswick Show and Shine ! RVV members attending were Vernon & Julia Patriquin, John and Dawn Garwood, Ron & Anne Gould, Kelly Kelly and Harleigh, John Johnston , Tom and Lois Hiltz, Terry and Heather Terris ,John Sterling, Mac and Simone MacDonald, Mike Soucy,Rick Kelly, Jim and Fran Good. Members already there were Bob Cromwell and Bill Brown .
Winners of the show :Doug Lee -1962 red roadster
Ann Lee -1971 red roadster

Bill Kirstead- 1976 blue coupe
Chris McKiel -1985 red coupe
Ted Colrin -1991 red coupe
Tom Webster-2000 red coupe
Brian & Rita McQuinn-silver roadster
Bob Rinehart-2000 -yellow roadster
Ian Joyce- 2005 yellow coupe
Jerry O'Brian- 2005 red roadster
Doug Lee takes home the "Sponser Award"
Tom Webster gets "Lifetime Membership"
65 Corvettes were registered for the event.Supper at Grannans proved to be awarding for Kelly Kelly after a few tears , she basicly cleaned up on prizes.On behalf of the River Valley Vettes I'd like to thank the executive of the CSNB for putting on a great show !
Pictures of the winners and photos of the event can be viewed by clicking on the link below !
Written and posted by Tom Hiltz aka ( redvette )

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