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Thursday, August 12, 2010

RVV members & friends go Tubing on the Nashwaak River

Sunday, August 8th, a group of corvetters and non corvetters hit the Nashwaak River for a leisurely afternoon of tubing ! Getting parked, registering and paying along with 'picking out a tube came first. So funny the way we each picked through them as if we knew one was really better than the other...well, we were 'almost professional ' that really a word ??
We were transported to the river in a van hauling OUR specially picked tubes.....some old regular truck tubes and some new and fancy blue tubes with bottoms to sit our bottoms in...HONEST ! Of course there were the really important ones, as well -the 'cooler tubes ! Some had more horsepower than others.....some were built closer to the ground or rocks in water...perhaps that depended on the weight the tube was carrying...some were more prone to fetching up on a rock...some tubers were in 'warm water most of the trip - this depended on the number and proximity of, tubers ahead of them....

We did a bit of river clean-up. We sipped cold drinks...if close enough to a cooler tube. We expressed pride in Lois...not a swimmer and not very excited about water, Lois did get on a tube and 'let Tom haul her down the Nashwaak !! And, what was his 'comment ??? He was wearing out and had to give up hauling his cooler tube !!! We got into the river at approximately 1:30...arrived at what shd have been the end of the 1 1/2 hour float , three hours later.... few scraped arms, a few strange looking stains on shirts, potential for sunburns,etc etc etc.

.............some tubers were fast, some slow, one had a steering stick, four tied themselves together to keep from drowning or going too fast, one kept falling asleep, one saved KK by throwing her a beer at a crucial moment,one was exhausted from hauling dead weight ???:))) Two were looking for fish and wondering if the trip would be much longer, and a couple just quietly tubed along enjoying all that was happening around them.

We headed to Kelly and Leigh's place where Leigh was eagerly awaiting our arrival...yes, he was EAGERLY awaiting our arrival !!!. Corn, mussels, ice cream cake were all on the menu ...Tables were 'set/chairs were out....Leigh was the ultimate host.........just then Gloria and Arnie arrived.....without toilet paper....(long story...ask Arnie about that)

We had LOTS of fun and food..It was really a fun time and I wish we had been able to share it with others-perhaps other clubs ! Thanks to Pauline, Linda, Lindsay, Cheryl and Gail for joining the corvetters, Rick,the Patriquins, the Calhouns, , the Johnstons , the Hiltz('s) and KK---
We all made it from point 'A to point B safely and none the worse for wear ! All comments are welcome about the day !!! Was my first tubing experience..hopefully, not my last ! I now know some things that we could do to make it even better...will tell you that NEXT time we go tubing.................
For pictures of the event , click on the link below !
Written by Kelly Kelly and posted by Tom Hiltz aka ( redvette )

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