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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

RVV Members Conquer Mt Washington

This past long weekend members from River Valley Vettes travelled to New Hampshire, USA for gathering in North Conway . Making the run were Pat , Harley and Tanner Smearer , Tom , Lois and Logan Hiltz , Vernon and Julia Patriquin , John and Jean Johnston and Peter and Marilyn Wood. It was a perfect long weekend and the weather couldn't have been better. Sunny and temperatures in the 80's were much appreciated when deciding to ascend Mount Washington.At 6,288 feet, Mount Washington is the tallest point in the Northeastern USA. It's location at the convergence of three major storm tracks means that it gets battered year-round by some of the most extreme conditions on the planet. In fact ,the fastest wind speed ever observed by man --231 mph --- was recorded here in 1934 by the crew of the Mount Washington Observatory. Nowhere else on earth is readily found such a consistant combination of sub-zero temperatures, hurricane- force winds , freezing fog and blowing snow.Mount Washington is so unique that even though it is located in a temperate climate zone , it acually experiences the conditions of a sub-arctic environment ! The mountain's average days of fog per year is 237 , so we struck it there the right time as you could see for miles.Highest possible visibility is 130 miles.Thanks to Vernon Patriquin and Peter Wood for driving us all up the mountain and down again with no incident as the road is very narrow with no guard rails . When meeting another vehicle , there is not much room , and there's nothing there but air.
For a slideshow of the weekend click below
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Written and posted by Tom Hiltz  aka ( redvette )

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