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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Corvettes in Carlilse 2011

Some pictures from Corvettes at Carlisle.  The Number 3 car (a 1960 Corvette
racer) was the original car that ran Lemans that year.  It was found after
many years searching for it and purchased by the Miller's who own the
Carlisle Fairgrounds.  It was completely restored and it did a lap at Lemans
a year ago with the winning driver of 1960 behind the wheel.  I believe that
his name was John Fitch.  He's no longer a young man!  There are also some
pictures of the new 2012 Carlisle Blue Corvettes....I think that colour is
gorgeous.  I have one on either side of me.  My car made the front page of
the local paper, but you have to look hard to see it.  There is a picture of
Will Cooksey and I in front of the grandstand.  Will took Joanne as his
guest to the GM executive banquet.  She was thrilled.  Will was Plant
Manager at the Bowling Green facility for years and was loved by all.  He
did a burnout at Carlisle a year or two ago with a new GM owned Corvette.
He literally tore it up.  Tire came apart and it destroyed the rear fender.
GM will no longer authorize a car for the burnout event!  We also got to
meet and spend a little time with Lance Miller the son of Chip Miller (who
passed away at 61 years of age) who created the car events in Carlisle and
owns the fairgrounds.  You can also see the marquee with Carlisle in lights
and a few shots of the parade.  One picture shows the Palmer's '71 with
Joanne cheering them on and another of Betty May Madden's '85.  She won a
trophy for one of the celebrity cars.  There are also some shots of the
Saint John crew that caravanned down.  There are a couple of shots of retro
cars....for the years 1963 and 1967.  Some nice pictures of T REX 03.  It's
incredible the work that some people put into their cars.  It was a great
time.  Hurricane Irene made her presence known on Saturday and the event was
closed on Sunday with many tents having been removed, others blown down but
no cars damaged as most everything had been taken away.  Our Vettes were
nicely stored in underground parking at the Holiday Inn Express.  We still
lost power for half of Sunday however.  Bill Brown made a purchase but it
wasn't a Corvette.  Vern and Julia were the only Fredericton folks that we
saw during the event.  I encountered no one from my Florida clubs.
For pictures click below 

Click here
Written by Bob Cromwell and posted by Tom Hiltz aka ( redvette )

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