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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Trip to Tabusintac

Tour to Tabusintac and Linda & Alfred’s Cottage
One thing can be said by all about this tour is it was one of the most enjoyable trips that the club has had in years.  Weather great and company enjoyable.  We started out expecting a big turnout of members to meet up at City Hall in downtown Fredericton, but as John and Pauline waited for the 9 am departure only one car showed up, and that was Vern and Julia, so the two cars departed for the North side to meet up with Ron, Anne and Malcolm and Simone.  Ironic there were two coupes, one white and one black and met up with two convertibles, one white and one black.  Leaving Targett’s on St. Mary’s road where Vernon took the lead and it was decided to change leaders each half hour.  This made driving interesting, (and we would not want to say who made a wrong turn).  On our way, we met up with Jacques and Monique Bossy in Blackville, who drive a black convertible, keeping up with the color scheme.  After stopping in Miramichi, we contacted Alfred at his cottage and arranged to meet at the Catholic church in Tabusintac.  Alfred’s friend Mark from Neguac also joined us with his Blue 08 Z06.  From there Alfred led us on a great tour of Tabusintac area of historical sights and points of interest with a full documentary and many stops along the way.  Mark brought up the rear. (Color co-ordination had to be kept, red, black, white black white, black and blue).  Most of us were not familiar with this area and were all impressed.  We ended up at Alfred and Linda’s outstanding cottage on the Tabusintac riverfront with a million dollar view. With financial contribution from the RVV coffers Alfred and Linda put on a great barbeque, preceded by a tray of appetizers, with good and healthy salad and lots of fattening desserts, the open bar was very much appreciated but the lucky prize was a complete hit.  A contest about the guided tour was won by Simone & Malcolm with second prize going to Pauline & John and third prize to Vern and Julia.  I am sure if we had known ahead of time more notes would have been taken. Shortly before we left we had a surprise visit by Linda’s father and he picked out his choice of car and donated a great C5 leather jacket to the winner.  Shortly after 4:30 pm we departed for home and had a good run home with a couple of pit-stops.  Jacque and Monique left us in Blackville and thanked us for including them in the trip as they really enjoyed the trip as we did with their company.
Anyone who did not make the trip really missed out on and exceptional day.
We want to thank Alfred and Linda for opening up their cottage to the club and arranging a fantastic tour and making us feel at home.  We are all invited back again at any time.  We are happy that John T. came up with the great idea for the trip.  
p.s.  All the leftover hotdogs were eaten by Vern…….
 For a slideshow of the trip click below !
Click here !
Written by Ron Gould and posted by Tom Hiltz

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