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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Fiberglass Alley Event 2012

 Hi! Folks - Wanted to let everyone know that we so enjoyed the
 Fiberglass Alley event this year. Everyone in our Vettes of Coastal
 Maine car club is still talking about how much fun the event was this
 year. We attended the event last year and were on the "fence" about
 whether to attend or not for 2012 because we didn't feel as if it was
 "special" enough last year to attend again and drive the long trip, but
 everyone who had attended in years past and had gone to the event when it
 was held at the golf club told us that we must try it again and that it
 would be better this year. AND IT SURE WAS!!! We loved it!!!! The
 car show area was wonderful with the opportunity for the public to attend
 it much easier and everyone loved the embroidered hats & flowers for
 prizes. The golf club was an excellent venue for both the evening event
 & breakfast morning - the food was excellent and the staff there really
 catered to us. We stayed at the hotel right next to the car show area
 and downtown and this was very convenient especially because we were able
 to take our Dixie "dog" with us. You had so many great prizes and the
 PINK theme made it FUN!!! Hoping to see all of you at some point soon
 ~~~~~ a lot of us are attending the St. John event in August. THANKS FOR

Written by the Wrights in Maine, USA
Posted by Tom Hiltz aka ( redvette )

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Fiberglass Alley 2011

Fiberglass Alley 2011

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