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Monday, September 10, 2012

RVV Invades Bangor

R.V.V. Invades Bangor:  Ten R.V.V. Corvettes made the trip to Bangor for the annual Wheels On The Waterfront Car Show. Friday morning, Sept. 7th. the first wave of 5 R.V.V. Corvettes left Fredericton and arrived in Bangor about noon. A second wave of 4 R.V.V. Corvettes left later in the day and arrived about supper time. Jim and Fran Good arrived with a different group. The drive was trouble free, the accommodations were great, the weather was good and the show had a large number of very interesting automobiles. The group ate, laughed, shopped, laughed, gambled, laughed, sipped and laughed some more!! Those attending were: The Robertson's, The Johnston's, The Wood's, The Patriquin's, The Thompson's, The MacDonald's, The Soucy's, Wanda & Tom, and Kelly & Linda. Contact a participant for a more detailed account of the outing. P.S. Kelly won her class!!!
For a slideshow of the event , click below !
Pictures supplied by Kelly Kelly and John Johnston
Written by Vernon Patriquin
Posted by Tom Hiltz aka redvette

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