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Monday, October 22, 2012

RVV Last Run of 2012

R.V.V. Oct. 21st. Fall Run:
It was a beautiful fall day for our last run of the season. Thirteen Corvette owners participated in the tour that started at Boston Pizza with nine Corvettes. Those nine travelled to Harvey where two more joined the caravan and then proceeded to McAdam to pick-up another Corvette and do a photo shoot at the Train Station. The parade, now twelve strong, headed south to Calais, Me. where number thirteen joined the party. Members visited Mardens, V.I.P. Discount Auto, Wal-Mart etc. etc. before re-entering Canada and proceeding to Comeau’s and then north to our home territory. The parade of Corvettes was a head turner that even attracted an admiring seagull. ( talk to Arnie ) The shopping was fun and Comeau’s did an excellent job to go with the delicious food. We even got a preview of John T.’s next project. Those attending were: Wanda & Mark, Rick & Lisa, the Patriquins, the Calhouns, the MacDonalds, the Griggs, the Thompsons, the Adams, the Smearers, the Goulds, the Wilsons, the Woods and the McKeens. See a participant for more details.
For pics of the run click below !
Written by Vernon Patriquin
Pictures by Pat Smearer
Posted by Tom Hiltz aka redvette

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