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Sunday, December 16, 2012

RVV Breakfast 2 at the Hilltop

I arrived at the Hilltop at about 10:20 AM for a  breakfast scheduled for 10:30 AM. At that point, almost all seats were  filled !  I was pleasantly surprised to see so many RVV folks out !! New members, old members and perhaps even potential members were anxiously awaiting  my arrival so we could get breakfast on the road !! Well, maybe that was `stretching the situation a `bit....they were  there and I did finally join them !!!  To be a bit serious, by the time  members stopped arriving, we had about 30 persons and I had reserved for 19...even thought perhaps a couple folks would forget to let me know they would be coming but  instead, a lot of  people forgot to let me know they were coming ! Fortunately,the Hilltop  staff worked around us and we were still able to  be seated together in the same area. ....Great to see such a good turn-out !  Two members have a birthday coming before our next get together, so they were the lucky ones to get deep fried ice cream with chocolate or caramel – (Sam and John J) We caught up on each other`s news and plans for Christmas ...ate  a tasty well-served breakfast......Most of us were happy with breakfast and it was definitely  most enjoyable !  Our next one will be `the morning after the RVV  After Christmas Christmas Party..This will cut down on attendance for  certain as some members have to drive in from out of town...(possibly, we won`t be quite as lively and perhaps not even feel good after partying the night before)   As a matter of fact, it might even be a longer distance than usual from our house to the Hilltop !!! smile)))  Thanks everyone for the great turn-out...see you at the  January party and maybe even breakfast on the 20th !!
Written by Kelly Kelly
For a slideshow of the morning click link below !
Pictures supplied by Kelly Kelly
Additional pictures added by Pat Smearer
Posted by Tom Hiltz aka redvette

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