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Sunday, January 20, 2013

RVV After Xmas Xmas Party 2013

R.V.V. After Xmas Xmas Party: On Saturday, Jan. 19th. R.V.V. members gathered at Rick Kelly’s home for their annual After Xmas Xmas Party. Twenty eight members enjoyed the delicious pot luck food members contributed. If you can name it; it was there. John T. was reported seen building cardboard sides to his plate! Members also participated in a Corvette/Corvette Club Trivia game. After almost 75 questions the team of Ron G. and Marilyn W. were awarded the Dollarama Trivia Cup and enough Loonies for Ron to bring Anne to our Sunday morning breakfast. John T. conducted the Yankee Swap with his usual innovative style that kept everyone paying real close attention to where everything was going. It was a great night and if you missed it, you missed out on a lot of fun. Special thanks to all the cooks for the food, John T. for the entertaining Yankee Swap, Julia P. for the trivia idea and especially Rick K. for opening his home to us.
 Written by Vernon Patriquin and posted by Tom Hiltz
  Photos supplied by Kelly Kelly
For a slideshow of the evening , click on the link below ! 

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