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Monday, May 9, 2016

RVV at Frex 2016

RVV at Frex 2016

Frex Rod 2016 and R.V.V.
The 4th. annual Frex Rod & Bike show was held May 6 to May 8 in the Frex buildings on the Fredericton
 Exhibitions grounds. R.V.V. was invited for the 4th. time and were allotted four spaces for a club display. The following members volunteered their Corvettes for the display:

Jerome Connors - 1975 Roadster ( C3 )
Dave Griggs - 1995 Coupe ( C4 )
Vernon Patriquin - 1998 Coupe ( C5 )
Laurie Wilson - 2005 Coupe ( C6 )

It was a long and interesting three days in which members chatted with spectators about their Corvettes and the club. A total of 12 members volunteered their time and/or their cars to make this club promotion run smoothly. Well done folks.
Written by President, Vernon Patriquin
For pictures , click the link below 
Posted by Tom Hiltz aka redvette

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