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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Happy Birthday Anne Gould

Anne Gould here with Ron and Kelly Kelly celebrates Anne's birthday November 28th at a near by Tim Horton's.Where's your hat Kelly?
All three are a member of the River Valley Vettes of New Brunswick.Happy Birthday from everyone Anne and many more.
Gee I hope Ron got you more than a "double double"
Posted by Tom Hiltz aka [redvette]

Sunday, November 26, 2006

PEI Summer

PEI Summer
Originally uploaded by redvette.

Just imagine coming across this lineup on the road. Too cool !!
This photo sent to me by Barry Haneveld of the Prince Edward Island Corvette Club.It was taken this past summer on a tour of the island with the other Maritime clubs.
For more photos click on the link below
Posted by Tom Hiltz aka [redvette]

Monday, November 20, 2006

Kelly with Jim D'Arcy

Kelly with Jim D'Arcy
Originally uploaded by redvette.

Kelly ,shown here with Jim D'Arcy from St.John NB. being inducted in to the "Maritime Hall of Fame" for drag racing. Jim is also a member of the River Valley Vettes. Congratulations Jim. For more pictures click on the link below !
Posted by Tom Hiltz aka [redvette]

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Tim Gilby's 2002 coupe

These photos were sent to me by Tim Gilby of the Nova Scotia Corvette Club who recently purchased this beautiful 2002 electron blue coupe. Look forward to meeting you next summer somewhere along the line Tim !
Cheers ! Tom Hiltz aka [redvette]
For better view of Tim's car click on link below

Hi everyone...

My mother is in a deep depression...she probably can’t bring herself to ‘discuss corvetting.......But,I will try to find something about which I can will prob be a sad one cause I am just like her.... not liking this idea of ‘time to put corvette away....(of course, I have not been allowed in that fancy little red car since I became close friends with a “black cat” that had a white stripe running down his back......he had a funny smell and I still seem to have that same smell)

Has anybody noticed that the weather is VERY warm but the sun seems to have gone South !!!!

Harleigh D Kelly [ one fine cocker spaniel ]

Posted by Tom Hiltz aka [redvette]

Interested Illinois visiter

Interested Viewer from Skokie Illinois U.S.A.. We have noticed that you have been a regular visitor to our blog site. We would be interested in hearing from you, and if you have a Corvette or belong to a Corvette Club. If you read this please contact us at . Thank you we appreciate your interest.
Written by Ron Gould & posted by Tom Hiltz aka [redvette]

Friday, November 17, 2006

A very nice e-mail from Tim Gilby

Received this e-mail from Tim Gilby of the NSCC today and was quite happy to hear that he visits our site often.It makes things worth while when you hear something like this.
Hi Tom.

I just wanted to say that you guys have a great website, and I'm always looking at it. ( pretty much every day)
My wife Kim and I are members ( got our first vet and joined this summer ) of the N.S.C.C., and your site is the only interactive and regularly updates site in Atlantic Canada.
Keep up the great work. ( It's a great forum for updated information )

Tim Gilby
Location Manager
Anixter Canada Inc.
Posted by Tom Hiltz aka [redvette]

Ron Gould's 2002 convertible awaits Spring

All shined up and put away in the corner waiting for spring.Be sure Ron's drop top will be sporting
something different next year,
whether it be a new sound or
something shiny !
Posted by Tom Hiltz aka [redvette]

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Atlantic Canada Corvette Clubs Logo

This is the new "ATLANTIC
CLUBS " logo
Posted by Tom Hiltz
aka "redvette"

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

The last Ride This Year !

The last Ride This Year !
Originally uploaded by redvette.

Corvettes up for the winter around here.

Tuesday, November 7, 2006

Atlantic Canada Corvette Clubs

Atlantic Canada
Corvette Clubs

Meeting November 4th, 2006

Meeting hosted by Roger Bourgeois, President Greater Moncton Corvette Club.

Sixteen Members 5 Saint John, 4 Fredericton, 3 Moncton, 2 Nova Scotia, 2 Prince Edward Island.

Discussions from each of the members regarding club activities from past year as well as proposed dates for Club Show & Shine for 2007.

Fredericton, 15, 16, 17 June 2007 Christmas Party 2006, January 20/07

Moncton, 12, 13, 14, 15 July 2007 Christmas Party 2006 December 8/06

Nova Scotia, 28, July Christmas Party 2006

Saint John, 4 or 11 August, Christmas Party 2006 December 16/06

Prince Edward Island, 8, 9 September. Christmas Party 2006 November 28/06

Cruises planned for 2007,

Moncton plans Cruise to Gaspe/Perce Quebec and one to Mahone Bay/Bridgewater N.S.

Route 66 Cruise planned for 2008.

National Corvette Museum is planning a 15th anniversary event in 2009

Kelly suggested a party for all clubs in October 2007, possibly lake side BBQ.

Name tags to be worn at car shows already prepared by Moncton club.

Front License plate removal meetings going forward with present government officials.

Meeting ended with decisions of presented Atlantic Canadian Corvette Clubs logo and one was suggested with modifications. Moncton Club presentation nominated.

St John has suggested that the meetings last no longer than an hour followed by going for a coffee.

It has been brought up that at next years events [car shows ] that 3 or 4 people be made contacts for late comers or out of towners who would like information on the show such as where to park , how to line up , where the supper will be, or anything else pertaining to the show.These contacts would be wearing an armband as to be distinguished from the rest.

Meeting terminated at noon and members met afterward for dinner.

Posted by Tom Hiltz aka [redvette]

Ron Gould

R.V.V. Secretary.

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