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Monday, March 26, 2007

Out of the Hospital and doing fine !

From the Desk of Peter Wood

Just a note to let the members know, that I finally got home a few days ago from hospital. Still have a drain attached to my side for a few more days, but at least, I get to sleep in my own bed. And my

in house” nurse does a great job of looking after me.

I want pass along a special “THANK YOU” to members of RIVER VALLEY VETTES, VETTES OF COASTAL MAINE, CORVETTES OF SOUTHERN NEW BRUNSWICK and GREATER MONCTON CORVETTE CLUB, for all their cards, gifts, well wishes, phone calls, and visits while in the hospital. Some days I wasn’t a very good host, and I appreciate the patience of those who stopped by on those days. What a surprise to see Angie Bourgeois and her daughter, Natalie, stop in, bearing gifts and cards. And Kelly Kelly was in 2/3 times and always bringing reading material. Many others also made repeated visits and calls.

For me, five weeks seemed to be forever, but your cards, visits and calls certainly helped the time to go by a bit faster.

While in hospital, I lost 25 pounds and a lot of strength…….if I go out on a windy day, my pant legs almost beat me to death. Presently, I’m eating everything in sight and have already regained some of those pounds.

Hopefully, in the next few weeks I can get some of my strength and energy back in time for the Vetting season. Looking forward to a spring ride in the Vette.

Again, THANK YOU to all.

Peter Wood, and my “in house” nurse, Marilyn

Posted by Tom Hiltz aka [redvette]

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Annual Corvette Bowling Challenge

This years Bowling trophy goes to St John with a 767 score. Moncton's Gutter Cleaners had a 616 and our RVV squad came up short with a 728.One must remember several of our key players were laid up due to injury and I believe if we had Ron Gould and Peter Wood who were sidelined I think they would have brought the trophy back home.
Oh well , there's always next year !
Posted by Tom Hiltz aka [redvette] and photos supplied by Anne Gould .
For more photos click on the link below

Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Big Block

A recent visit to Ontario gave me a chance to see this Corvette. It belongs to one of my brothers co-workers by the name of Doug Lelacheur of MT Brydges Ont.which is situated just outside of London. Doug is a true car nut. This latest model is a 1969, 427, 4sp with tan leather interior which he just finished replacing. He is a perfectionist as I could tell from his shop and cleanliness of his car. It also helps to have a hoist in your garage! Alfred Kenny
Posted by Tom Hiltz aka [ redvette ]

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