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Friday, April 27, 2007

E-mail I received from Bill Sebald


I was reading your blog today and had a thought that maybe you’d like to blog about this. Our company sells some exclusive Corvette diecast (like the new Ron Fellows car), as well as retailing and wholesaling Vette apparel and gifts.

If you ever were looking for something to blog about, here’s some stuff your readers may like! I also have press releases attached!

Thanks in advance! I enjoy your writing.


Thanks for your e-mail Bill and look forward to visiting your links.

Tom Hiltz aka[redvette]

Monday, April 23, 2007

Atlantic Canadian Corvette Clubs Executives

The executives of the ACCC met in Moncton on Saturday for the semi-annual corvette meeting. The meeting was held at Doug MacDonald's Pontiac and after went to view some of Doug's beautiful vettes.Pictured above:Barry Haneveld, Cyril McNeil, Kathy Gallant,Errol Callbeck,
Brian & Debbie Palmer,Roger Bourgeois,Kelly Kelly and Warnick Price.
Pictures of the day can be seen by clicking on the link below !
Posted by Tom Hiltz aka[redvette]

Arnold S. flexing ??

I just had to snap this picture of
Ron after our first little outing
of the year. Now ladies don't
get excited , he's married.
Posted by Tom Hiltz aka[redvette]
For more photos click on the link below

Saturday, April 14, 2007


This is built by N2A motors (No Two Alike) Cost $40,000 over cost of new Corvette C6 (MSRP $44,000) .

The company is planning a production run of about 100 vehicles. Sits on a Corvette C6 chassis,
front styled like a 57 Chevy, side like a 58, rear like
a 59 Hence the designation "789".

Pictures by Bob Cromwell

Posted by Tom Hiltz aka [Redvette]

Monday, April 2, 2007

Bob and his new friend

Bob Cromwell and his new buddy
Ron Fellows, just hanging out !
The new special edition ZO6
Corvette.For more photos ,click
on the link below.
Posted by Tom Hiltz aka [redvette]

Sunday, April 1, 2007

Waiting for the roads to get a little cleaner

That's Ron checking out my turbo thrusters.HA! And that's me between our vettes.
Photos taken at Ron's on March 31st.
Posted by Tom Hilta aka [redvette]

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