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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

River Valley Vettes 2009 Executives

The new 2009 River Valley Vettes executives:
John Garwood -President [3rd from left]
Rick Kelly -Vice President [pictured on left]
Kevin Douglas - Treasurer [2nd from left]
Ron Gould -Secretary [far right]
Posted by Tom Hiltz aka [ redvette ]

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Lights , Camera and Action

"Lights, Camera & Action "was the order of the day
for Terry & Jacquie Blackburn's 1976 Corvette coupe
during 16 days in November. The made-for-television
film , "Blue Seduction"had local film buffs exited in the
city of Fredericton,as Billy Zane & Estella Warren used
the capital city as the backdrop for the steamy thriller.
Terry's corvette's plates "The Legend" were replaced
by Vermont plates and the star of the film ,Billy Zane
used the vette for his personal car in the movie.Jackelyn
Giroux wrote the screen-play & Global Universal is
developing the movie.The movie, which is being filmed
for Super Channel in Canada & Starz in the United States
will be aired in the spring.Making cameo appearances
in the film are Terry Blackburn as well as Tom Hiltz of
the River Valley Vettes.I may have to come out of retirement
after all this exposure ! David & Richard Wade , "the
Singing Dentists"from Fredericton ,appear in the movie
performing songs they wrote for the film.
For photos of the filming , click on the link below !
In this weeks addition of the Oromocto Post and several
other small papers in Fredericton, there will be a story
on the movie.
Written & posted by Tom Hiltz aka [ redvette ]

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Surprise 70th Birthday for Ron

Saturday night River Valley Vettes had a surprise birthday party for Ron Gould,[ now officially the oldest RVV member]. Ron turns 70 years old Dec 4th but who could have ever guessed that
he was even close to that.Showing at the party were :Kevin Douglas,Alfred & Linda Kenny,
Malcom & Simone MacDonald,Danny & Karen Calhoun from Woodstock,Arnie & Gloria Adams Carman Swartz, Terry & Jacquie Blackburn,Paul & Judy Melanson,John & Dawn Garwood,Vernon & Julia Patriquin, Kelly & Leigh Kelly,John Sterling, John & John Johnston, Harleigh & Pat Smearer, Wayne & Eleanor Robertson, & Lois & Tom Hiltz. Bob Cromwell congratulated Ron via telephone from Florida.I think this might have been one of the bigger gatherings of the RVV members at a social event other than a car show and it was nice to see so many members all together at once.
To view photos of the evening click on the link below !
Written & posted by Tom Hiltz aka [ redvette ]

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

River Valley Vette Member Gloria Adam's 65th Birthday

Saturday, October 25th members from the River
Valley Vettes traveled to McAdam to help Gloria
Adams celebrate her 65th birthday at the Lions
Club. RVV members who helped her celebrate
were: Ron & Anne Gould, Kelly Kelly, Vernon & Julia
Patriquin, Peter & Marilyn Wood and Tom & Lois
Pictures of the party can be seen by clicking on the link
Written & Posted by Tom Hiltz aka [ redvette ]

Monday, October 20, 2008

Members of River Valley Vettes attend service in Corn Hill

Church service for some members of the River
Valley Vettes was a little further down the road
than the norm.Members traveled to Corn Hill
United Baptist Church where pastor Jim Hannah
delivered his sermon in the newly built church as
the result of a fire last year.After the service we
went on to Gasthof's Old Bavarian Resturant for a
German dinner.Members from the club were:
Ron & Anne Gould,Kelly Kelly, Wayne & Eleanor
Robertson, Jim & Fran Good ,Paul & Judy Melanson,
Peter & Marilyn Wood, Sam & Kathy Dow, Tom &
Lois Hiltz & bringing up the rear in his Rolls Royce
Silver Shadow was Harley & Patricia Smearer.
For pictures of the day click on the links below!
Written and posted by Tom Hiltz aka [ redvette ]

Monday, October 13, 2008

Fred Howland's Fall Frolics 2008

Saturday October 11th was Fred Howland's Fall
Frolics on Belles Isles and the weather was perfect.
Cars & trucks of all makes and all years traveled to
Fred's beautiful home on the Kingston Peninsula
where car buffs from far & wide showed off their
pride & joy.Members from River Valley Vettes
making the run were :Ron & Anne Gould, Harley
& Patricia Smearer, Wayne & Eleanor Robertson,
Vernon & Julia Patriquin, Kelly ,Leigh and Harleigh
Kelly, John & Dawn Garwood, Jim & Fran Good,
Rick Kelly and Tom & Lois Hiltz.
I'd like to thank Fred on behalf of River Valley
Vettes on putting on a great show again this year
and already looking forward to next years.All profit
I believe went to the cure & research of the dreaded
disease of cancer. Great job Fred and keep up the
good work !
Pictured here is Ron Gould, Fred Howland,Anne
Gould,KellyKelly,Jim Good,Lois Hiltz and Tom Hiltz.
Cheers !
For pictures of the day click on the links below !
Written and posted by Tom Hiltz aka [ redvette ]

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Scarecrow Festival in Mahone Bay 2008

Click on picture for larger view !

"Scarecrow Festival" in Mahone Bay , Nova Scotia
is over for another year.Friday, members from
River Valley Vettes traveled to Bridgewater to
attend the festivities where we hooked up with
Moncton ,St.John , PEI, & Nova Scotia Clubs.
The Comfort Inn was completely surrounded by
corvettes of all years & colors & created quite a
site to the people of Bridgewater.Making the run
from RVV were :Malcom & Simone MacDonald,
Ron & Anne Gould,Kelly Kelly,Paul & Judy Melanson,
John & Jean Johnston, Wayne & Eleanor Robertson,
John Patisson & Ravona , Gloria & Arnie Adams &
of course Tom & Lois Hiltz. We picked up Harley
& Patricia Smearer along the way.
Sorry to say I left my camera in the room Saturday
night & missed some fun shots but Janice Surette
was kind enough to supply me with some hilarious
photos.Pictures tell a better story and of course I
got lots ,so .....Enjoy !
Click on the link below for photos!
Written & posted by Tom Hiltz [ aka Redvette ]

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Scarecrow Festival in Mahone Bay

This weekend is the "Scarecrow Festival" in Mahone
Bay, NS. Members of the River Valley Vettes are
meeting at the Lincoln Big Stop at 9:45 on Friday
morning and heading down to Bridgewater ,NS
for the weekend event. Last years run turned out
to be one of the funnest events of the summer and
I'm sure this year will be equally as great.Members
from the Moncton , St.John and Nova Scotia clubs will
meet up with us in Bridgewater. Posted by Tom Hiltz
Posted by Tom Hiltz aka [ redvette ]

Monday, September 22, 2008

Clark's Show & Shine 2008

Saturday ,September 20th was the day of Clark's
Show & Shine . Weather started off cool & turned
into a beautiful , sunny,warm afternoon.Bob Cromwell
nearly froze and can hardly wait to get back to Florida,
but the rest of us found it nice.After the show we
traveled to Lincoln where we all showed off our soft
ball skills and had a few laughs. "MVP of the game" I
believe went to Bill Brown for his "great pitching skills
and whining". "Best play of the game" went to John
Garwood for "falling down and not being able to get
back up".Best player of the game went to Bob Cromwell
for"being able to hit with his glove on " I don't know
what that was all about.I guess he didn't want anyone to
take his lucky glove .Anne Gould received a prize for
"being able to pick the best team".....Ha !We all had a blast
and then went over for supper at Pizza Delight and then
all went our separate ways.
Stay tuned for the "Scarecrow Festival" in Mahone Bay,
NS , the weekend of Oct 3rd,4th & 5th.
For pictures click on the links below !
Written and posted by Tom Hiltz aka [ redvette ]
Click on the video below to see "Hula -Hoop Bill"

Friday, September 19, 2008

Clark's Show & Shine 2008

John Clark will be having his annual Show & Shine
this Saturday September 20th at the dealership
on Prospect Street, Fredericton, NB.Things will get under way at 10:00 . All welcome to join us. After the show there will be a softball game so bring your gloves.Following the game there will be dinner at
Pizza Delight Northside.Weather is suppose to be nice and sunny so nice to see a big crowd
Posted & written by Tom Hiltz aka [ redvette ]

Monday, September 1, 2008

Lois's birthday

I'd like to thank Sam & Kathy Dow for hosting
my wife ,Lois's birthday Saturday.Attending
from the club were Ron & Anne Gould, Simone
& Malcom MacDonald,John & Jean Johnston,
[showing up with their new C6 Coupe],John&
Dawn Garwood,Danny & Karen Calhoun[from
Woodstock],Kelly Kelly & Harleigh,Gloria & Arnie
Adams from McAdam,Julia & Vernon Patriquin,
Rick Kelly & Margie Goodin. Also attending were
Laurie Ward ,Peggie Powell, Linda MacDonald &
from Grand Lake ,Ted [the cook] and his lovely
wife.Karaoke was the name of the game at Sam's
and everyone had a great time participating in
some way or another.
For some photos click on the links below
Written & posted by Tom Hiltz aka [redvette]

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Winners List from St John Show & Shine

YEAR -1st Place - 2nd Place

1953-62 Ron Haney - -Peter & Cindy Camplin
1963-67 none none-
1968-82 Ann Lee -- -Joe Travis
1984-90 Dave Williams - -Monique & Jacques Bossy
1991-96 Richard Forster -Alfred Landry
1997-00 Tom & Lois Hiltz -none
1997-00 Brian McQuinn -Doug Anderson
2001-04 none none
2001-04 Jeremy Herrington - KellyKelly
2005-08 Ken Cameron - -Ian Joyce
2005-08 Roger Herrington - Fred Godwin

Posted by Tom Hiltz aka [ redvette ]

Monday, August 18, 2008

Corvettes of Southern New Brunswick 9th Annual Show & Shine

Saturday , August 16th was "Corvettes of Southern
New Brunswick" Show & Shine. The weather never
really co-0perated but the show went on before
the rain ended things at noon.The events went on
at 4:00 in Grannan's where everyone had a great
time socializing with food and drink.I am posting
the trophy winners now and will put a name to the
faces as soon as Roger Herrington e-mails me the
list. For photos of the weekend , click on the link below !
Written and posted by Tom Hiltz aka [ redvette ]

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Saturday Outing

Saturday several members from the River Valley
Vettes traveled to a small car show in Cambridge
Narrows where we gobbled some corn before
heading off to Sam & Kathy Dow's cottage on Grand
Lake.Members attending were Ron & Anne Gould,
Vernon & Julia Patriquin, Malcom & Simone MacDonald,
Danny Calhoun, John & Jean Johnston,Sam & Kathy
Dow and of course Tom & Lois Hiltz. Ron & Anne left
early to attend to Anne's [buns] Ha ! which were in the
oven and John & Jean attended another get together
with friends. The rest of us were invited to Sam &
Kathy Dow's lovely cottage on Grand Lake where we
had a barbeque and a few beers. It just doesn't get
any better than that.
Click on the link below to see a few pictures of the day !
Written and posted by Tom Hiltz aka redvette

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

1977 Corvette Looking for New Owner

This beautiful 1977 Show Winning Corvette is up for sale . Owned by David Nevers and has won numerous awards with its custom paint job and overall condition. Dave wants $18,000 or reasonable offer and can be contacted at 506-451-0411.The car is from the Fredericton, New Brunswick area.
Written and posted by Tom Hiltz aka redvette

Monday, July 28, 2008

St Martin's Show & Shine 2008

Members from the River Valley Vettes traveled
to St. Martin's Saturday for their annual Show
& Shine. Making the run were Ron & Anne Gould,
Peter & Marilyn Wood , Vernon & Julia Patriquin ,
Kelly Kelly & Harleigh D, John & Jean Johnston,
Tom & Lois Hiltz and picking up Bob Cromwell along
the way.For pictures of the day click on the link below !
Written & posted by Tom Hiltz aka [ redvette ]

Monday, July 21, 2008

That's Kelly Kelly sporting her new shirt

Kelly has her new 2009 New England Caravan
shirt and is already to hit the road next summer.
Sounds like it could be a blast .
Written & posted by Tom Hiltz aka [ redvette ]

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Atlantic Nationals 2008 in Moncton, NB

The weather was great this year for Canada's
Largest Car Show Event in Moncton, NB. Chip
Foose from the TV show "Overhaulin" was there
signing autographs and had lines of people waiting
to see him. We arrived Friday morning and met
Bob Surette with 11 other corvettes and took us on
a tour of the area. Bob , who is the president of the
Greater Moncton Corvette Club lead us to Aboiteau
near Cape Pele where we had a great seafood dinner,
which we couldn't even eat all of as portions were huge.
Friday night action turned to downtown Main St where
300 or so cars were parked for people to view as they
mingled through thousands of people on the street.
Several bands, inlcuding Donny & the Monarchs entertained
the well behaved crowd as everyone socialized and met
up with friends.Saturday saw a huge crowd gather at the
park and Saturday night we all took off to the dance at
the Coliseum.
Here is a list of the winners on Saturday:
1,,,,,,,,53-62,,,,,bernard oullette....northern club affiliation ,,1956 red conv
2........63--67....Harvey MacAusland.....nova Scotia corvette club..........1965 silver coupe
3........68--77....Allan Morisson............Miramichi N.B...........No club coupe
4........78--82....Dennis Gionet.............Caraquet N.B...........Greater moncton C.C....1978 Red coupe
5........84--89....Wornick Price..............Salisbury N.B...........Greater Moncton C.C.....1987Red conv
6........90--96....Ted Collrin..................corvettes of Southern N.B.........................1991 RED
7........97--04.....Ron Gould..................Fredericton N.B.........River Valley corvettes..2002 white conv.
8........05--08.....Ian Joyce....................Corvettes of Southern N.B..........................2005 YELLOW
9........people`s choice ..Bernard Oulette same as # 1
10......Club participation Nova Scotia
For pictures of the event click on the link below !
Written and posted by Tom Hiltz aka [ redvette ]

Monday, July 7, 2008

Sunday drive to a Gagetown Winery

A gorgeous hot day for the tops down and even a
nicer day for a swim ! RVV members:Kelly Kelly,
Ron & Anne Gould , Malcom & Simone MacDonald ,
Mike & Hilda Soucie [future members] & Lois
& my grandson met at my place before taking off to
a Gagetown Winery where we all sampled some some
wines and then headed for Bob Cromwell's pool to
cool off.Water temperature a very comfortable 86
degrees. Lois traveled with a serenading KK and I took
along Logan, my 8 year old grandson as a passenger. Couldn't
ask for a more perfect day !
For photos of the day, click on the link below !
Written and posted by Tom Hiltz aka [ redvette ]

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Happy Birthday Canada

Happy Birthday Canada....

For the last 15 years, corvetters from RVV have joined the Town Of Oromocto Parade...Club members provided the ‘ride for the dignitaries involved. RVV member, Terry Blackburn, proudly boasts that he has been Mayor Faye Tidd’s ‘official driver many times ! This year, the Oromocto Parade went “GREEN:....the corvetting tradition has come to an end !
In recognition of the many years RVV members have been a participating in the parade, an official ‘thank you plaque was presented to Terry Blackburn and Kelly Kelly on July 1, 2008. Both Terry and Kelly spoke on behalf of RVV members. As they spoke, many spectators were paying a lot of interest to the beautiful corvettes parked at curbside - The parade may have gone green but it would seem the corvettes were missed July 1st and will be missed in future years!

Written by Kelly Kelly and posted by Tom Hiltz aka [ redvette ]

Monday, June 30, 2008

Going in Style

Kelly Kelly from the River Valley Vettes seen
here taken this lovely couple to their High School
Prom in her 2002 red roadster corvette.Nothing
like going in style and obviously getting attention
from their former classmates.
Posted by Tom Hiltz aka [ redvette ]

Friday, June 27, 2008

Another Birthday for Bob

Several members traveled to Morrisdale Wednesday
to surprise Bob on his birthday.Kelly Kelly ,Ron &
Anne Gould and Tom & Lois Hiltz were entertained ,
wined and dined and just laid around the pool all day,
while Bob got another year older.Chocolate cake, a
potato martini [ to die for ] made by KK and some
beverages were the order of the day.
For pics click on the link below !
Written and posted by Tom Hiltz aka [ redvette ]

Monday, June 16, 2008

Fiberglass Alley 2008

Fiberglass Alley in Fredericton , NB this year
saw 92 corvettes make their way to a closed
off downtown Queen St , for the 17th annual
corvette show. Weather could not have been
nicer and the crowd could not have been friendlier.
Things started off at the Diplomat , Friday night
with the "Meet & Greet".Good food , drink and a
fun time was had by all as clubs from all over the
Maritimes & North Eastern USA kindled new friendships
& met up with old friends.Amongst the clubs that
attended were :Vettes of Coastal Maine, Corvettes
of Southern NB, the Greater Moncton Corvette Club.
the Interlopers, Acadia Corvette Club,North Shore
Corvette Club, the Icons ,Nova Scotia Corvette Club,
the Sunset Corvette Club and the host River Valley
Vettes. Saturday night activities changed over to the
Golf CLub for a buffet and some fun & games that only
pictures can describe.As usual Kelly did a fabulous job
of pulling everything together to make a great weekend
and would like to thank her for all her work & time.
List of winners:
Peoples's Choice Award- Peter & Cindy Camplin
1953-62 - Peter & Cindy Camplin
1963-67 - Kevin Douglas
1968-73 - Anne & Doug Lee
1974-82 - Joe & Charlene Travis
1983-90 - Guy & Samantha LeBlanc
1991-96 - Arnie & Gloria Adams
1997- 00 -[coupe ]- Hank & Mary Ellenbast
1998-04 - [ conv.] -John & Judy Somes
1999- 04 - [ Z06] - Charles Gormley
C6 conv -Doug & Gloria Mac Donald
2005-08 -[ZO6] Kevin Trites
For pictures click on the links below !
Written and posted by Tom Hiltz aka [ redvette ]
Check out the videos below !

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Winners at Corvette Mania

Here is a list of Winners at Corvette Mania on the weekend sent to me by Moncton's pesident Bob Surette

63 to 67 Skip Mackenzie 1967 white
68 to 72 Rick Stairs 1970 tan
73 to 77 Daniel Lanteigne 19 74 blue
78 to 82 Andre Richard 1980 yellow
84 to 89 Guy LeBlanc 1989 red
90 to 96 Alfred Landry 1992 black
97 to 04 Charles Gormley 2002 blue
05 to 08 Roger Herrington 2005
MacDonald Pontiac Pick Malcolm MacDonald black 2001
Peoples choice Glen & Sherry Cheney silver 2004

MacDonald's Corvette Mania 2008

Members of the River Valley Vettes travelled
to Moncton Saturday to Doug Mac Donald's Corvette Mania. From the club who travelled
together were Malcom & Simone MacDonald, Vernon & Julia Patriquin , Kelly Kelly &
Harleigh,Ron & Anne Gould, John & Jean Johnston, Sam & Kathy Dow and Tom & Lois
Hiltz. We met up with Charles & Minerva Gormley on the way. Other members already there were John Patisson , Linda Duncan and Bob Cromwell. Weather was fantastic and from what I
here a total of 79 corvettes showed up !
For photos of the day click on the link below !
Written and posted by Tom Hiltz aka
[ redvette ]

Friday, June 6, 2008

RVV Photo shoot for Gleaner

Thursday ,June 5th was photo shoot night for
River Valley Vettes as a staff member from the
Fredericton Gleaner [newspaper] with her
husband were on hand take pictures and interviews
for a four page layout of River Valley Vettes.
It will be published on Thursday ,June 12th
edition. This is a lead up to Fiberglass Alley weekend
on Queen Street ,downtown Fredericton on June 13th
to 15th.Corvettes from around the Maritimes are
expected as well as from parts of Maine ,USA.
For photos of the evening click on the link below !
Written and posted by Tom Hiltz aka [ redvette ]

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Looking for Tire !

Hi Folks:
I recently replaced the wheels and tires on my Vette and am left with a set of 50% worn used tires. One of these used tires is showing the signs of improper alignment and I would like to replace it with an exact match. It is a Presidents Tire; Defender Series; P255-50-R16. If you know where I may be able to find one that is about 50% worn please contact me.
Posted by Tom Hiltz aka [ redvette ]

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Another Tuesday Night Cruise

Six corvettes from River Valley Vettes showed
up at Clark's at 7:00 pm for "Tuesday Night Cruise
Night": Peter & Marilyn Wood, Vernon & Julia
Patriquin, Malcom & Simone MacDonald,John &
Dawn Garwood,Kelly Kelly & friend Don, and
Tom & Lois Hiltz. Stops at Experimental Farm
and then to Oromocto for a coffee [Hot chocolate ]
For pictures click on the link below !
Posted by Tom Hiltz aka [ redvette ]

Monday, May 26, 2008

Monday Drive to Welsford

Nothing to do Monday so Kelly and Don [ from
Newfoundland] who wanted to go for a corvette
ride, met up with Ron & Anne Gould and then
stopped over at my place where Lois and I
accompanied them to Welsford for a hotdog ! We
then took the back way home through Worral and
Hoyt before back at my place . Nice day for the top ,
down .....wind blowing through Don's hair and bugs
everywhere ! Ron could hardly wait to get to my
water hose to get those bugs off !
For pictures click on the link below !
Written and posted by Tom Hiltz aka [ redvette ]

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

"LV2TZ" ---"Love To Tease"

Check out Bob Cromwell's new vanity plate on
his yellow Florida roadster corvette. Very
appropriate ,for those who know him, don't you
think ? Loves to Tease !
Written and posted by Tom Hiltz aka [ redvette ]

Monday, May 19, 2008

RVV Presidents Run 2008

Sunday ,May 18th saw River Valley Vettes
president, John Johnston make his run with
6 cars from the club.Making the run to Gillis's
Winery in Belleisle, NB were :Ron & Anne Gould,
John & Corey Johnston, Richard & Evelyn Forster,
Vernon & Julia Patriquin, Jerome Connors & Tom
& Lois Hiltz. After an informative wine making brief
and a shoe full of wine we were off to Mama Georges
in Norton for dinner.A fun day had by all and on the
road to home !
For pictures of the run click on the link below !
Written and posted by Tom Hiltz aka [ redvette ]

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Cruise Night to Nackawic

On Tuesday night past , River Valley Vettes had
the official first cruise night and seemed to be
quite successful as it brought out 9 corvettes to
meet at Clark's & then take a run to Nackawic.
The weather wasn't the warmest day of the year,
but that didn't prevent Kelly & Harleigh from
driving with the top down. Hopefully next cruise
night will be a little warmer and bring even more
cars out to join in on the fun !Making the run were ,
Ron & Anne Gould, Sam & Kathy Dow ,Kelly Kelly,
& Harleigh D, Alfred Kenny, John & Dawn Garwood,
Jim & Fran Good, Vernon & Julia Patriquin, John &
Jean Johnston and Malcom and Simone MacDonald.
I would like to thank John Garwood for sending me
the photos of the run !
To view pictures click on the link below
Written and Posted by Tom Hiltz aka [ redvette ]

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Roll Out the Vettes

Saturday, May 10th was "Roll out the Vettes"
Day for the River Valley Vettes. Although the
day was rather cool , we did manage to arouse
7 corvettes from the club and travelled to Stanley
for a short run . Making the run was Ron & Anne
Gould, Malcom & Simone MacDonald, Kelly Kelly,
Vernon & Julia Patriquin, Paul & Judy Melanson,
John & Stephanie Johnson and Tom & Lois Hiltz.
The owner of Pam's Restaurant in Stanley and
several other customers were quite excited to
see all the vettes and took several pictures that
apparently will adorn the walls of the establishment.
So when ever down that way again I'll have to
check it out !
For photos of the day , click on the link below !
Written and posted by Tom Hiltz aka [ redvette]

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Sam's 2000 pewter corvette coupe

Sam Dow
, member of the River Valley Vettes
picked up this beautiful 2000 pewter corvette
coupe while in Florida this past winter and stopped
by to show Lois and me. Ron and Anne Gould
just happened to be visiting us also with their
2002 roadster and so I snapped some pictures
of the Tuesday afternoon at home.Click on the link
below to view the photos !
Written and posted by Tom Hiltz aka [ redvette ]

Monday, May 5, 2008

KK's new "Under the Hood " Logo

Kelly Kelly has got a new "under the hood" look this
year , and I think it looks great. Done by Debbie, I
have to get her last name and some more details
as I would love to sport the same look !Three members
of the River Valley Vettes took a short run to Morrisdale,
Sunday to welcome back Bob Cromwell from Florida
and to pick up a few items that Bob brought back.
Members on the run were Kelly Kelly & Harleigh,
Ron & Anne Gould & Tom & Lois Hiltz.
For photos of the run click on the link below !
Written and posted by Tom Hiltz aka[ redvette ]

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Guess Who ?

Guess who showed up at my place yesterday with that beautiful
image in her sun glasses ? For who and with what click on the link
Written and posted by Tom Hiltz aka [redvette ]

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

The Garwood's New Addition

John & Dawn Garwood got a 2000
magnetic red coupe to add to his family
of vettes and can hardly wait for the snow
to go.
Here's his email he sent me !
Hi Tom
Thought you might like to see what I was to doing today.
I finally got the ice chipped away enough to get the Vette out of it's winter prison. It was frozen solid.
Charged the battery and fired them both up - sweet sounds.
Introduced the old to the new and let them warm up, but they never left the driveway :-(
So now they are sitting in the garage more than ready to go - after inspections -
This is torture....the stinkin' snow has to go away some day doesn't it??
See you soon,
Posted by Tom Hiltz aka [ redvette ]

Monday, March 31, 2008

RVV 2008 Bowling Champs

Well, it finally happened.......RVV had to break down and bowl up to their full potential.....We decided it was time to stop sandbagging and 'bite the bullet'. We sort of heard that it didn't matter if we won or lost, the idea of winners hosting next year was over !!! RVV even lost three bowlers after the first string ! (two were previous 'stars) to "ear" problems..Thank Goodness , one of the stars performed well before she had to leave !!! ........but, RVV endured !!! Without Bill Brown there to distract us,there was a definite difference ! Moncton's top scores were: 99,94,81 and 81 for 355...having Roger and Bob really put those gals at a disadvantage :))) Actually, it was difficult to bowl when that bright distraction bouncing off Janice's left hand ..IF RVV had not 'won, I would have had to dispute it because there were times we could not see the pins/we were blinded !......The Moncton gals really did their best . By the way, because Moncton had only four bowlers, we used only the top four scores of the night from all bowlers to determine top team of the night ! - seemed fair to Lindsay and KK - who , for some reason or another took over the organizing for the 'missing in the sun Bill Brown.....Saint John must have counted gutter balls....:))they came up with 399...scores of 106, 99 and 94 108,.....seemed impossible, but Don was really a Super a strike that won him a big 'house jackpot !!!! Then, along came River Valley Vettes..must have cheated all the way - they had 120, 116, 100 and 99......The good news is that the format for hosting has will not be decided by winning or will just go from Club to Club with Moncton hosting next year's tournament!!
Seriously, it really was a fun filled evening. Please note that due to my fear of being decapitated by the bowlers involved, I deleted quite a few pictures.....So, if YOU were at the bowling but not in the pictures, say "thank you, KK"..................I actually had made a pont of taking a picture of everybody ~!!
Sure hope all who missed bowling in Saint John on March 29th know that they missed a really good night....and we missed you all, too !!!! Look forward to seeing you as soon as the snow disappears...or, at least at Moncton for the ACCC meeting !!!
Thanks to CSNB for hosting us. The pizza was delicious and there was enough for everybody !!!!! It is so much fun to have all clubs having fun together !
For photos of the evening click on the link below !
Written by Kelly Kelly and posted by Tom Hiltz aka [ redvette ]

Saturday, March 15, 2008

RVV in Florida

Four pictures taken after the Corvettes Anonymous run for the
horses, the Lipizzaner Stallions Show in Myakka, Florida. The pictures were
taken at the Linger Lodge following the show.
Three River Valley Vette members reading the menu.
Corvette members from various clubs in Florida but all members of Corvettes
John and Linda Duncan posing for a shot.
Bob and Kevin honeymooning in Florida. Guess those flowers and the
proposal on Deer Island must have worked.
Four more shots taken at the Run For The Horses....Lipizzaner
Stallion performance in Myakka, Florida Saturday, March 8th.
Four horses performing in unison. This is called dressage when they
perform to commands.
The Lipizzaner horses start out brown but change to white later on. Bob's
travelling companion, Brenda.
Lipizzaner stallion performing it's famous four feet off the ground kick.
The River Valley Vettes viewing and cheering section.

Bob (RVV roving reporter)
For better pics click on the link below !
Posted by Tom Hiltz aka [ redvette ]

River Valley Vette Snowbirds

Some RVV members in Florida at a horse show.

Fiberglass Alley 2011

Fiberglass Alley 2011

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