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Sunday, July 30, 2006

Nova Scotia 2006 winning cars

Nova Scotia 2006 wining cars
Originally uploaded by redvette.

Class A-1957-67......1966 Lt. green-Sid Poirier
Class B-1968-73....1972 Yellow-Roger Caissie
Class C-1974-77....1974 Blue-Daniel Lanteigne
Class D-1978-82...1979 White-Dwight & Libby Rayworth

Class E-1984-89....1984-Red-John &Kerry Coady

Class F-1990-04.... 1992 Aqua-Rick Holt
Class G-1997-04....2002- White -Ron & Anne Gould
Class H-2005-06....2006-Yellow -Mark Poirier
Longest Distance.... 2001-Red Calloway-Bill & Bonnie
Lado [Oneonta, New York]

Nova Scotia Corvette Show 2006 "Crazy With Fever"

Nova Scotia Car Show 2006 101
Originally uploaded by redvette.

This year "Crazy With Fever " was the theme for Nova Scotia's 2006 annual Corvette Show. A great turnout, beautiful weather [no rain like the big thunder shower they had back in New Brunswick],and fun for all was the agenda for the day .Making the trip down was Lois and I ,Ron and Anne, John Patisson and Ravona and Peter and Marilyn.Our Thanks goes out to The Nova Scotia club especially Debbie and Brian for putting on an entertaining Saturday.Very few people realize the work that goes into the making of these events except the ones that actually make them happen . Hats off to you and your wife Brian!

For pictures from the show click on the link below !
Posted by Tom Hiltz [redvette]

Friday, July 28, 2006

"Fun First But Cars Foremost"

Terry and Jackie's 76 coupe
Originally uploaded by redvette.

"Fun First But Cars Foremost" This was the aim of one of the original co-founders of the River Valley Vettes back in the summer of 1991.The idea was always to keep it simple and that the cars come first !Terry and Jackie's 76 "Legend" pictured above.

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Nova Scotia Show & Shine 2006

Nova Scotia Show & Shine 2004
Originally uploaded by redvette.

Nova Scotia Show & Shine 2006
Don't forget Nova Scotia's car show is this
weekend coming up[July 29] Would be nice to have
a good turnout. They always put on a good
show and everyone has a good time. Try it ,
you may like it !!
Posted by Tom Hiltz [redvette] For photos

from the 2004 show go to "Corvette Sets on

Flickr "and click on Nova Scotia Show & Shine

2004 or click on the link below

St Martins Car Show & Shine

St Martins Car Show 2006 052
Originally uploaded by redvette.

Nice temperatures and great entertainment from "Big John and his Gang" was the menu for Saturday's run to St. Martin's by the Sea ! Three cars made the trip [ Ron & Anne, Paul & Judy and myself and Lois]
We met Charlie Gormley already there as well as members from the St John club and Roger and Angie from the Moncton club.We were invited to a barbeque at Angies' sisters BIG PINKHOUSE in St Martins after the show where she graciously gave us a tour of the beautiful huge home,
Roger was the cook and did a wonderful job of diguising the burnt hotdogs but Bill Brown finally discovered what he was doing. That's ok Roger ,you did a great job and we would like to thank Angie, you and your sister for your hospitality. Bill came along and parked his MUSTANG beside our vettes on the front lawn[ well you kinda had to be there ]Anyway the show was a great sucess [ we had an outing without rain] Too bad we never had more paticipation. You would have enjoyed the day !!

Posted by Tom Hiltz [redvette] For photos click on the link below or go to Corvette Sets on Flickr

Thursday, July 20, 2006

St Martins N.B.

St Martins N.B.
Originally uploaded by redvette.

Don't forget the Old Home Week in St Martin's this Sarurday July 22nd. Sounds like it might be a good time !

A line of vettes

A line of vettes
Originally uploaded by redvette.

Cruising the back roads ! Click on this photo and then click on all sizes. A nice scene !

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Bar Harbour Tour 1999

Bar Harbour Tour 1999
Originally uploaded by redvette.

"All Corvettes Are Red the Others are Mistakes !!"
I figuered that might get some people's attention.
Don't forget John Thompson's "Mystery Run" this
Sunday ,July 23rd.Always entertaining !

Queen St Fredericton , NB

Originally uploaded by agility333.



ANY STREET !!Taken in front of the Playhouse.

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Boiestown Car Show 2006

Boiestown Car Show 2006
Originally uploaded by redvette.

For more photos of todays run go to"Our

Corvette Sets on Flickr "on the right side

of the page !
Or click on the link !

Well, WHAT A HOOT ................To say that TO-DAY was FUN would be a definite understatement......not sure how many people read the note from Kelly (ME) yesterday, but, it said something like "now that I am going on a RUN, probably none of you will show up !!!!!"
Well, GUESS WHAT ? Most of you didn't !! Now ask me IF I feel "unwanted" or "wanted".....DUH !.....

The day started at 10-ish at Carleton Park,Fredericton...KK (ME) arrived expecting to see at least a dozen corvettes..but, there sat Vern and Julia....I checked behind every tree and table in the other corvettes. Then, came the roar of power and the flash of my favourite paint....Tom & Lois arrived ! Things were looking up. Because I had a SPECIAL dessert for Ron Gould, we called him...he did come for the dessert..and he did drive to the Killarney Road with us, but, the three corvettes were left to travel on their own to the Woodsman's (?) Museum in Boiestown. When we checked in, we HAD to take the three best spots for parking.....and we HAD to check out all the carcasses in the museum and we HAD to get a seat under the trees where we HAD to listen to a live band (well, mostly LIVE) and it, seems everyone in the entire area HAD to tolerate the REDHEAD with super shooter water gun.....(I believe it was my twin sister Shelley) OH, did I mention the rest of YOU in the club MISSED a fun time ? (Some people HAD to eat Kelly's treats) And, then, The Melansons arrived...they snuggled right in under the trees...fought off KK's twin sister (Shelley) and enjoyed the afternoon............and everyone talked about how GREAT next week-end will be...(of course, KK nor her twin sister can go there) anyway, it was a FUN DAY...WE KIND OF MISSED YOU...KK doesn't really believe that the club REALLY goes on 'runs together.....OH, and Ray's car got another plaque...a really nice one !

Side points: Vern got kind of parenoid every time KK's twin made a quick move..Julia got to play a 'new instrument - Tom taught KK how to operate his camera and took over the 'water shooter at same time..........Paul and Judy arrived late enough that they didn't get as 'affected by the parenoia as the others! Lois streaked !!! That's the redhead coming out in her...VERY SPUNKY LADY !! NOW, see what you missed ? OH, I played Bob Surette music all the way home...(recorded many years ago at corvette party)..THAT WAS HOT !!!

Written by Kelly Kelly and posted by Tom Hiltz

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Kelly and friends

Kelly and friends
Originally uploaded by redvette.

This picture taken and sent to Kelly by Debbie Shepard !

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

C5 Prayer

C5 Prayer
Originally uploaded by redvette.

I found this on Digital Corvettes and thought

I'd like to share with you ! I thought it was

kind of cute !

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Ready For Takeoff !

Ron's Roadster
Originally uploaded by redvette.

Ron keeps his 2002 roadster under his wing !

Sunday, July 9, 2006

ZO6 Convertible

Moncton Atlantic Nationals 2006 CHEERS !

Thanks for the coolers Danny !
Originally uploaded by redvette.

Thanks for the coolers Danny, as we all
needed to cool down at Moncton
15th annual Corvette Show. Temperatures
were in the 30's and a huge turnout! Even
a corvette from California ! Ten cars
from Fredericton ,River Valley Vettes
made the trip and had a great time. For

more photos click on

Moncton's 15th Annual Corvette Show

Moncton's 15th Annual Corvette Show
Originally uploaded by redvette.

Trophy winners
1953-1962 Raymond Harrison with his white 1958
1963-1967 Harvey and Beryl McAusland with their grey 1965
1968-1972 David Ronayne with his red 1971
1973-1977 Robert and Louise Gallant with their orange 1975
1978-1982 Mike Brown with his green 1979
1984-1989 Tom and Lois Hiltz with their red 1989
1990-1996 James and Fran Good with their green 1995
1997-2004 Kelly Kelly with her red 2002
2005-2006 Leon and Jocelyn Cassie with their red 2006
St .John took home the trophy for club participation and Roger Harrington picked up the trophy
Jacques and Monique picked up an award for their efforts in the club

Robert and Louise Gallant also picked up the People's Choice Award

Friday, July 7, 2006

Atlantic Nationals in Moncton this weekend ! Don't miss it

That's Ron and myself with our buddy
Dennis Gage from the TV show "My
Classic Car " as we pose with him at the
2003 Moncton Nationals.This year the
show runs from July 07 th, 08 th and 09 th.

Saturday, July 1, 2006

Oh ! Oh ! I think I'm in trouble again !

Oromocto's 2006 Canada Day Parade
went off without a hitch. It was a
beautiful day with lots of sunshine
and lots of spectators lined the way !
For more photos of the parade go
to "Our Corvette Sets on Flickr" on
the link side of the page !Or click on

Sorry officer,but how can I show you my license unless you hold my beer ?

Having some fun with an RCMP officer at the
July 1st Canada Day Parade in Oromocto.

Fiberglass Alley 2011

Fiberglass Alley 2011

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