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Thursday, August 31, 2006

Corvette Crash near Moncton

Corvette Crash near Moncton
Originally uploaded by redvette.

Corvette Crash that had the accident on Highway 11, just outside Buctouche, on Friday For those who have not read the story, our Premier’s entourage was traveling in a bus when a white corvette passed them at a relatively high speed. The RCMP on board the bus called in the speeder. Unknown to the group on the bus, the RCMP HQ had just received a call that a contractor, hauling a large enclosed utility trailer, carrying his tools, had a mishap whereby the hitch broke from the frame of the truck, leaving the trailer in the middle of Highway 11. Ok, now don’t get ahead of me. As the RCMP were responding to the trailer call… ok, you can get ahead of me, since now you likely have pictured the corvette hitting into the trailer as they were going too fast to realize the trailer wasn’t moving. The vette exploded and the RCMP were able to retrieve the driver and passenger, who are still in the hospital with serious injuries.On Sunday, Leon Caissie (a.k.a. Big Bird) called a friend to find out where the vette might be, since Dwight, whose 79 was stolen 3 weeks ago, couldn’t get a definite answer from the police to state whether that was his vette Kasper or not. They said there wasn’t enough left of the car to tell. Ya right. You think we can’t tell what year that thing was even after it exploded? Give us corvette owners some credit.
Well, had it not been for the one remaining wheel, the RCMP were right….you couldn’t even tell it was a vette. It could have been a Fiero based on the remaining evidence
Written by Angie Bourgeois GMCC and Posted by Tom Hiltz [redvette] RVV

For better pictures click on the link below !

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

R.V.V. Meeting in Woodstock

To all R.V.V. Members
This is a reminder that our monthly meeting will be held on Sunday, 3 Sept.. This replaces our usual Tuesday Meeting. The meeting will be held in Woodstock at Smitty's Restaurant.
We will be meeting at Clark's Chev Cadilac dealership at 9 a.m. Sunday Morning and tour to Woodstock. From the meeting, we will be lead by Joe and Charlene Travis for a tour to Clearview and points of interest.
We hope to have a good turnout for this outing as well as showing our appreciation to members from that area who attend our meetings quite regularly.
Club Secretary.
I will repeat this meeting at end of week. It is being forwarded early, so members can plan this weekend activity.
Posted by Tom Hiltz [ redvette ]

Monday, August 28, 2006

Joke of the Day !

Speeding Corvette

A fellow bought a new Corvette and was out on an interstate for a nice evening drive. The top was down, the breeze was blowing through what was left of his hair and he decided to open her up. As the needle jumped up to 80 mph he suddenly saw a flashing red and blue light behind him.
"There ain't no way they can catch a Corvette," he thought to himself and opened her up further. The needle hit 90, 100, 130 and finally 150 with the light still behind him. "What the hell am I doing?" he thought and pulled over.

The cop came up to him, took his license without a word and examined it and the car. ''I've had a tough shift and this is my last pull over. I don't feel like more paperwork so if you can give me an excuse for your driving that I haven't heard before you can go!"

"Last week my wife ran off with a cop," the man said, "and I was afraid you were trying to give her back!"

"Off you go," said the officer.
Posted by Tom Hiltz [redvette]

Thought For The DAY

Money can't buy happiness --

but somehow it's more comfortable to cry in a

Corvette than in a Yugo.

Posted by Tom Hiltz [redvette]

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Grand Lake Outing 2006

Grand Lake Outing 2006
Originally uploaded by redvette.

Grand Lake Outing 2006

Great Grand Lake Loop Tour!

August 26, 2006

This tour was planned at the last minute so the group was small:Ron and Anne, Paul and Judy and Alfred and Linda.

We met at Green Village at 10 AM sharp and from there took the beautiful scenic route along the Saint John River and along Grand Lake. Our first stop was a very nice visit with Sam and Kathy Dow at their lovely cottage. We want to thank them for their great hospitality and letting us enjoy the great view of the Lake. We then made our way to Minto for lunch at Weezie’s Diner. Try the Chicken Burger. Another stop was made at Charles and Minerva Gormley’s home where the guys got to drool over the cars and the ladies at their beautiful gardens. From there we proceeded to Chipman, making our way back along the other side of the lake to Jemseg. Final stop at Casey’s in Sheffield. Lovely tour that should be repeated.

For more pictures click on the link below
Written by Alfred and Linda Kenney and posted by Tom Hiltz [redvette]

Friday, August 25, 2006

Corvette Babes

Corvette Babes
Originally uploaded by redvette.

Some Cool Cars

Created and posted by Tom Hiltz [redvette]

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

On ferry to Grand Manan Island

On ferry
Originally uploaded by redvette.

On ferry to Grand Manan Island

For more photos click on the link below

Trip to Grand Manan Island

Grand Manan was really FUN FUN FUN !!!! When I got up Sunday at 5 AM., it was raining cats and dogs...made me SO happy that I had cleaned the vette on Saturday evening....BUT, being the 'optimistic gal that I am...(not to mention stubborn and determined) I took off toward Grand Manan and less than an hour later I was in the Westfield area where I picked up my co-pilot,Bob. (he was standing by road waving me down ! ) Got to ferry less than an hour later...(after hearing passenger's view on shifting, etc. I thought , oh s---, a backseat driver and I don't even have a backseat! TRUST ME, that all worked out - no problem - Bob has now decided he wd like to hire me as his full time chauffeur..we are having a hard time settling on pay scale.....can you imagine THAT ?
We (KK and MR CROMWELL were # 3 in line at FERRY - only corvette there ! While discussiing 'what are we going to do ???? We lost place in the line; shortly after, another vette arrived...Mike Brown! Not too long later, three more arrived.........LOOKING GOOD !! (Doug and Gloria,Raymond and Kathleen, Angie & Roger)
GRAND MANAN - here we come....thanks to Raymond, we met the Captain and learned all there was to know about being a Captain on the ferry to Grand Manan.......some very interesting facts and stories....John Pattison and friend, Dennis,were waiting near the now, INFAMOUS sign when we drove off the ferry....hope it shows well in pictures !
A little rain did not dampen our spirits...the tour continued as planned...We toured the Island of Grand Manan from every angle possible...saw lighthouses,beaches,great scenery, lots of homes/cottages for sale, (I LOVED the ashes- thanks for pointing that out, John !!) The Grand Mananians - is that a word ? - loved us...the dulse factory was a favourite for everyone..learned ALL about dulse and EXACTLY what it can do...I was able to add my own little detail that made a few people start (over)eating it............We had lunch at a place that made great peanut butter fudge and good food BUT seemed to not appreciate our 'big crowd ...later hand-fed and 'force-fed that fudge to the rest of this courageous 'not afraid of the weather group....
Did you know there is a "CENTIPED" game on the ferry ? Got my name in for a high score !!!! Surely that impresses someone.
There was even SHOPPING !!!! and more food !!!!! and a lot of 'frugal remarks made toward MY passenger......Oh, and BEST YET, the rain cleared leaving us with a full afternoon of comfy corvette weather for scooting around the Island !!
Did I forget to mention ?? IT WAS A GREAT TIME...darn,I love having this 'new (to me) vette......and, i don't even mind that it will take a LONG time to get the car clean !!!A VERY long time !

When we arrived at Grand Manan, we were tickled to meet new (to us) corvetters....Carl and Bev Cheney....and as we drove around Grand Manan, we were seeing Bev's name on a lot of signs !!!!!! Now , doesn't that make you all curious !!!! We all look forward to them joining us on the 'mainland for future events !
Written by Kelly Kelly and posted by Tom Hiltz [redvette]

Sunday, August 20, 2006

1977 Chevrolet Corvette
6.5L Diesel

May 2002

I live in Cranbrook, British Columbia Canada and drive a diesel GMC Jimmy, a Chevy diesel conversion van and a 1977 Chevrolet Corvette powered by a 6.5L diesel. Some may wonder why I did this - install a 6.5 in a Corvette. To put it simply - fuel economy. Not many cars can handle the weight, is streamlined, won't rust, yet retains its value, and is a sporty - fun car to drive. The Chevrolet Corvette offers all these things. The engine and transmission were installed without any chassis or body modifications.

To reduce the diesel rattle, we re-calibrated the injectors to a lower fuel injection pressure. This reduced some of the diesel rattle, so once above idle, very little noise is heard from inside the vehicle, and there is very little smoke on full-throttle. Due to the low ground clearance of the Corvette, I needed to reduce the height of the oil pan. The ground clearance is only about 4-½ inches, but hasn't been a problem yet.

I installed the engine in May of 2001, and have driven it about 3000 miles since then. We average about 48-mpg Canadian, and have seen a high of 55-mpg. We're using a TH700R4 automatic with a manually controlled converter lock-up. I also removed the EGR valve. The acceleration is very good, but if I wanted a 0-60 in 7 seconds I would install a 427/425hp @ 8mpg (makes sense). I would consider a turbo, but am concerned about how the added heat might affect the fiberglass hood.

Buzz Bradley
Cranbrook, British Columbia Canada

Sent to me by Peter Wood and posted by Tom Hiltz

Quietly waiting for the sun to shine

Quietly waiting for the sun to shine
Originally uploaded by redvette.

Ron' beautiful 2002 drop top ! Note the floor

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Corvettes are Fun !

Corvettes are Fun !
Originally uploaded by redvette.


Danny and Karen Calhoun's 72

Posted by Tom Hiltz [Redvette]

Friday, August 18, 2006

Ron's "Mystery Run" photos

Ron's "Mystery Run" photos
Originally uploaded by redvette.

Here's Ron Gould's photos of the Mystery Run last weekend. A look through different eyes !

Click on the link below !

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Click on the link below to see some very cool videos.
They were done by an Arab from Kuwait who was
born in the USA and who loves Corvettes !
This was given to me by Cyril McNeil ! Enjoy !

Corvettes in Tabusintac

Corvettes in Tabusintac
Originally uploaded by redvette.

Here are a few shots of a good freind of mines car. He was nice enough to pay us a visit at our property in Tabusintac. See although we were not around for the Saint John show or the mystery run we were still doing things Corvette. Not only did he not mind the quarter mile dirt driveway ,he also let me spend some time behind the wheel of this 2005 6 spd drop top beauty with Corsa exhaust. Man that thing sounds great going through the gears. I have now fulfilled my goal of having driven every generation of Corvette. Special thanks to my great freind and fellow Tabusintacker Robert Breau who always lets me drive it like I stole it. I am back in town, Alfred

Written by Alfred Kenny and posted by Tom Hiltz [redvette]

For better pictures click on the link below

Monday, August 14, 2006

Now that's true love !

Now that's true love !
Originally uploaded by redvette.

J.T’s Mystery Run
Sunday 13 Sept. 2006
Nine Corvettes met at Clark’s Chev Cadillac Dealership Sunday morning at 11 a.m. Weather was great for a run. John gets members together and drivers and co-pilots were assigned duties. Drivers changed co-pilots at different points of the tour. Of the 9 drivers (Leigh & Kellly Kelly, John & Jean Johnston, Bob Cromwell & Kevin Douglas, Ron & Anne Gould, Danny & Karen Calhoun, Peter & Marilyn Wood, John & Pauline Thompson, Errol McCullough & Susan McMullin, & Vernon& Julia Patriquin.) , 6 drew leading instructions Drivers took us via Fredericton Junction, Welsford, Lapreau, Lapreau Falls, New River Beach, Penfield, St. George, Back Bay, Deer Island, finally to Island Point Provincial Camp Ground for supper. Return Home via Oak Bay for gas then Highway 127 to Lawrence Station, then Highway 3 to Harvey and on to Longs Creek where drivers departed on Highway 2 to home destinations.. Arriving in Fredericton around 10:30 p.m.. Totaling about 400 kms. Bob from Saint John and Danny from Woodstock added quite a bit more.
All had a great day, lots of laughs and an enjoyable day.
We thank John & Pauline Thompson for a well planned day.
Written Ron Gould & posted by Tom Hiltz

John Thompson's "Mystery Run"

Kelly's pics 005
Originally uploaded by redvette.

Twas the 13th of August
The year of 2-0-0-6 ;
Nine vettes went on John's Mystery Run
Check here to see the pics !

Jean and John Johnston
The Calhouns were there too;
MacCullough and MacMullin
Joined the vetting crew......

Can't forget the Woods
Nor the Patriquins in black;
Ron and Ann in pure white
The Thompsons stayed way back !

Bob, with his date, Kevin
Added 'gaiety to the run
Leigh Kelly was first leader
He changed the road course...SOME !

keep tuned for more details !

Created by Kelly Kelly and posted by Tom Hiltz

For more photos click on the link below

Tuesday, August 8, 2006

Save The Wave !

Hi all,

What prompted this message? There are some corvette owners out there that are new to the scene. There are also some owners that have been around for a while who may have forgotten.

When two corvettes meet on the street, whether the drivers actually know each other or not, it is a tradition dating back to the beginning of corvette time, the drivers wave to each other. I thought everyone would find the below article interesting to read.


Angie Bourgeois

Event Coordinator

Greater Moncton Corvette Club

PS – this isn’t unique to vette owners. I see Jeep owners waving when they meet, Mustangs, Miatas, Harley-Davidsons …. You get the picture.

Keep in mind that this article was written for a magazine back in 1969, when life was so much simpler.


Ever since Corvette No. 00001 first met Corvette No. 00002 on the road, their drivers saluted each other with waves. Today, unfortunately, this grand and glorious tradition is wavering.

There's one item of standard equipment that comes as a pleasant surprise to every new Corvette owner. It's the instant wave of recognition he receives when he meets one of his ilk on the road. The first time it happens, he is taken by surprise. He immediately thinks: (1) he has been mistaken for Sterling Moss; (2) His lights are on; or (3) He has just been given the bird.

Soon, however, the new Vette owner anticipates, indeed even relishes, encountering other Vettes as he drives. During this period, he experiments with his waves, running the gamut from the gaping "yoo hoo" to the ultra-cool "two- finger flip." He perfects his timing, making sure he affects neither the too- eager, too-early wave, nor the jaded "oh brother" too-late variety. Determined not to be one upped, he even develops a defense mechanism for non-wavers, usually settling on the "Wave? My hand was just on the way to scratch my head" approach. (This is especially useful when you're not driving your Vette, but you forget, and like a dummy, wave anyway.)

Indeed, one of the most perplexing problems facing a would-be waver is what to do when driving next to a fellow Vette owner. Passing him going in opposite directions is one thing. Greetings are exchanged, and that's that. But what happens when you pull up next to a guy at a light, wave, nod, smile and then pull up next to him at the next light, a block later? Wave again? Nod bash- fully? Grin self-consciously? Ignore him? Or take the chicken's way out and turn down the next side street? If you're expecting an answer, you won't find it here. Sad to say, some questions don't have any.

Girl-type Corvette drivers also have a unique problem: to wave or not to wave. The miss or misses who borrows her man's Corvette for the first time is immediately faced with this quandary. Should she wave first and look overly friendly, or ignore the wave and look like a snob? Most ladies who drive their own Vettes prefer to suffer the latter rather than take the chance of being misread. For this reason, all girls are excused for occasionally failing to return a well-meaning wave. So are new owners who are still learning the ropes.

There is no excuse, however, for the guy who refuses to return a wave, not out of ignorance, but of arrogance or apathy. While this type of behavior is the exception to the rule, it seems that a few owners of newer models refuse to recognize anything older than theirs, while some others simply won't wave, period. Boo on them. These ding-a-lings don't seem to realize that they are helping to quash a tradition that had its beginnings back when most of us were still driving Tootsietoys.

And besides, in this era of mechanized anonymity, we need to save all the human relationships we can.

Posted by Tom Hiltz [redvette ] and passed on by Angie Bourgeois [GMCC ]

Our Members

Monday, August 7, 2006

Hi Cyril ,cheers ! A note from Cyril Mc Neil

Hi Cyril ,cheers !
Originally uploaded by redvette.

Hello folks:
On behalf of the Corvettes of Southern NB, thanks to all you folks and to your club members for supporting our 7th annual corvette show this year at Bretts in Saint John.
I am attaching 3 scans describing the names of the award recipients in the various divisions. The awards were presented at the banquet at Vitos on Saturday evening. If you have difficulty reading the attachment, please let me know.

For your information, and in addition to the attached, the Sponsors choice went to Robert Everett for his 1977 corvette orange coupe. The club Participation award went to River Valley Vettes.

Thanks again for your support and we shall cruise together soon.

cheers and save the wave,

St John's 7th Annual Show and Shine Trophies

St John's 7th Annual Show and Shine Trophies
Originally uploaded by redvette.

1953-62 -1st place -Doug Lee and his red 62
1963-67 -1st place -Doug Betheridge and his red 64 coupe
1968-82 -1st place -Anne Lee and her red 71
-2nd place -Joe and Charlene Travis with their red 78 coupe
1984-96 -1st place -Dave Williams and Martha Cripes with their red 85
-2nd place -Doug and Nancy Wilson's red 94 roadster
1997-00 - 1st place -Gerald and Marguerite Arsenault's white coupe
- 2nd place -Fred and Joyce Godwin's 99 silver coupe
2001-04 -1st place -Tom and Kathy's yellow 04 convertible
-2nd place -Jim Cole's triple black 02
2005 -06 -1st place -Roger Herrington's white 05
-2nd place-Leon and Jocelyn Caissie's red 06 convertible

Sponser's Choice went to Robert Everett's 1977 orange coupe
Club Participation went to River Valley Vettes with 12 registered

For more photos of the show click on the link below

On the way to St John's Show & Shine

Here we make 14 cars
Originally uploaded by redvette.

Well, finally some people came out of their shell and decided to go for a run with the club . Nice to see we had 14 cars make the run to St. John's 7th Annual Show and Shine and a pretty site it was to see on the road.
Making the trip down was Peter and Marilyn Wood,leading the way,Ron and Anne Gould,John and Pauline Thompson, Paul Melanson and his son Ted, Danny Nason,Paul Moore ,Jim Hamilton and Carman Schwartz, Dale Case,Kelly Kelly,Joe and Charlene Travis, Vernon and Julia Patriquin ,Ed Clark and Tom and Lois Hiltz ! The weather was perfect for a car show and the company was great and I would like to thank Cyril McNeil and Roger Herrington along with the other members of "Corvettes of Southern New Brunswick" for putting on an excellent show again this year.
"River Valley Vettes" received the trophy for club participation with 12 registered cars and 2 that didn't register !
Congratulations to Joe and Charlene Travis for taking 2nd place in their class with their 1978 red coupe.
Kelly by the way slow down I was just trying to take your picture not trying to race you.Anyway we know what you look like at 180.

Friday, August 4, 2006

An overexposure of some members of the River
Valley Vettes at Frank's Finer Diner

 Posted by Picasa

Thursday, August 3, 2006

Is that Alfred going for gas ?

Is that Alfred going for gas ?
Originally uploaded by redvette.

Twenty bucks doesn't get ya very far nowadays !

Wednesday, August 2, 2006

St John Show and Shine this weekend coming up

St John Show and Shine this weekend coming up
Originally uploaded by redvette.

Don't forget St. John's Show and Shine this weekend . Hopefully we'll have a good turnout. If there is as many that shows up to the meetings as there is that showed up to the runs , we'll be laughing !
They say we're leaving at 9:00 am sharp!

Corvette "The American Dream"

Corvette "The American Dream"
Originally uploaded by redvette.

A Collage of the American Dream Car
created by Tom Hiltz [redvette]

Tuesday, August 1, 2006

Nova Scotia 'Crazy With Fever"

Nova Scotia 'Crazy With Fever"
Originally uploaded by redvette.

A few cars parked at Leon's after the show at Stuart Pontiac in Nova Scotia.

Corrections have been made of the awards in Nova Scotia

Sorry about the mix up of the awards
at the Nova Scotia Car Show this past
Saturday. Corrections have been made.
Just scroll down!

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Fiberglass Alley 2011

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