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Sunday, October 9, 2016

RVV Fall Foliage Run

R.V.V Autumn Colors Run 2016
Eight R.V.V. Corvettes met at Carleton Park, Fredericton on a absolutely gorgeous Saturday, Oct. 8th. afternoon for their annual Autumn Colors run. The caravan of Vettes picked up Route 628 in Marysville and proceed to meander their way through some of the most colorful country side in the area. The landscape was ablaze of color as members made their way through Penniac, Durham Bridge, Taymouth, Astle, Boistown before becoming a unplanned Vette show at the Village Family Restaurant in Doaktown. Members were also treated to stops at the Riverbend Golf and Country Club in Durham Bridge and the McNamee/Priceville Footbridge in McNamee/Priceville and eventually cruised back to Fredericton on the very scenic, newly constructed Route 8 highway. John Garwood's photos will provide a more visual record of the day. Thanks John
Written by Vernon Patriquin

p.s. Judy Griggs was the winner of $400.00 in the first R.V.V. Event Lottery draw. Congratulations Judy!!
For pics of the day by John Garwood , CLICK THE LINK BELOW
Posted by Tom Hiltz aka redvette

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