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2020 Events Calendar

                  Last Updated May 14th ,  2020
There will be new events added and changes added as I get them..

Jan. 20th. -       R.V.V. After Xmas Xmas Party , (Duck  Unlimited Building)

Feb. 5th.-          R.V.V. Monthly Meeting , ( Queen St. Legion)
Feb 18th.-         R.V.V. Monthly Meal,(Porter's Diner - 4:00pm.)

Mar 2nd-           RVV monthly meeting- Second Cup
March 15th.  -   R.V.V. Monthly Meal,   ( Porter's Diner)

April  6th.  -       R.V.V. Monthly Meeting, Second Cup
April 17-19th -    Radical Speed Sport East, (Moncton Coliseum)
April 19th  -       R.V.V. Monthly Meal ,   (Porter's Diner)

May 1st-3rd  -        Frex Rod Show,   (F'ton. Exhibition-- 
    Postponed until the Fall
May 4th -                RVV monthly meeting- Second Cup
May 9th -                President's run
May 12th-              Auto Swap Meet (Sussex)    
May 17th. -             R.V.V. Meal,   (Porter's Diner)
May 25th,26th -      Sussex Annual Auto Swap Meet, (Princess    Park, Sussex)
May 29th-31st  -     Bar Harbor Tour - Bar Harbor, Maine
MAY 30th-31st Auto Swap Meet Sussex
 Hinky Dinky Restaurant in Woodstock, end of May or early      June.

June 1st. -       Monthly Meeting (2nd. Cup) 
June 6th -        Hoyt Car Show              
June 6th-         Lounsbury's Car Show---   CANCELLED
June 20th.  - Fiberglass Alley, (Fredericton, NB.)CANCELLED
June 21st.  -     Monthly Meal, (Porters's Diner)
June 21st. -         Sunset Church -Days of Thunder ( 10to3 ),              (Fredericton, NB) 
June 20th  -     Fiberglass Alley
June 28th-       Minto Car Show
July 25th -       St. Martin's Old Home Week

July 6th-          RVV monthly meeting- Second Cup      
July 14th -       Keswick Landing
July 16th-19th-   Yarmouth NS-- CANCELLED
July 25th -       St. Martin's Old Home Week
July 25th-         CSNB St 'Andrew's Tour


Aug.3rd -          Hartland Covered Bridge
Aug.8th -          CSNB Poker Run
Aug'8th -           Life at the Lakes
                          (Cambridge Narrows )
Aug. 10th -       RVV monthly meeting second cup
Aug. 10th    -     C.S.N.B. Vette Show, ( St. John, NB.)
Aug.16th. -           Porter's Diner
Aug 16 - 18 -        Sussex Flee Market - Sussex, NB
Aug. 17th -          P.E.I.Vettefest,   (PEI, NB.)
Aug. 18th.  -           Monthly Meal, (Porters's Diner)
Aug 27th-30th -     Corvettes at Carlisle - Carlisle, Pa.
Aug. 29th,Saturday -12th annual Bob Murdoch Memorial          Classic Car Show --Jemseg

Sept. 12th    -        Wheels on the Waterfront,  (Bangor, Me.)              ( google for info )
Sept.14th.-       RVV monthly meeting- Second Cup
Sept. 20th  -      Freddy Beach Fall Fling, ( 10to4 )                    (F'ton. Ex. F'ton. NB)
Sept. 20th . -      Monthly Meal- Porter's Diner
Fall Foliage Run :date to be announced depending Fall foliage colors and weather.

                                         River Valley Vettes

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Fiberglass Alley 2011

Fiberglass Alley 2011

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