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Monday, November 8, 2010

John Thompson Mystery Run 2010

John Thompson’s Mystery Run
• When John Thompson announced that he was organizing a mystery run, you could feel the excitement bubbling through River Valley Vettes-almost overwhelming ! Everyone was excited about the ‘run but, when it was announced that a free steak dinner with all the fixings was included, well, - you can just imagine !
• Fun, Food and Corvetting – and it was all going to happen on October 24th, 2010.
• Sunday, the 24th was a beautiful warm and sunny fall day. We(KK and PP) met, at O’Leary’s, with the other corvetters-Ron & Anne,Peter & Marilyn,Danny & Karen,Alfred & Linda,Tom & Lois,Vern& Julia,Malcolm & Simone. There was also a ‘non-corvetting couple – Bob and Joanne
• When John met us, he was armed with instruction sheets and and carefully timed us as we left the parking area every three minutes. We had been told in advance that a digital camera was a necessity. Unfortunately for the couple in the C3, nobody mentioned that answers were in both miles and/or kilometers ! Being as sharp as they are, Danny and Karen were able to do the much needed calculations to change miles into kilometers.
• Leaving the parking lot presented the first problem – where is Bishop Drive ? We heard that having a GPS helped in many instances. It was obvious when we walked into the Riverside Inn that many had been there before us – we didn’t ask the question ‘re # of rooms at the Inn and we did not even plan to ask for an Alpine can.....but she told us !! Along the route, we discovered that digitals are not always ‘instant when you push the shutter button-especially if they are on the wrong setting. That resulted in us having a few ‘back bumpers of corvettes we had met !We also found that it doesn’t take ‘MUCH to impress people......(unlike the writer and navigator) We had lovely conversation with the man at St Mary’s gas bar...he would not stop talking-I think that is partly why we were last arriving at our destination;of course, our 10 or 15 minutes talking with what ‘impressed us the most might have added to our time delay.
• At this point, perhaps it is time to mention the infamous ‘always lost Bob has lost his title to Tom and Lois. Not sure if Bob has improved or if he just has a good GPS and navigator. Not sure what to say about Tom and Lois .
• Although I think we were all winners, there was one car (NOT even a vette) that took top honours – Bob and Joanne. Word is out re a committee being formed to challenge the win;something to do with a rock that wasn’t quite ‘legal. ))) They might be asked to return their prize for first place.(by the way, their prize was a beautiful steak bbq with all the fixings prepared by John, Pauline and our bear-making friend,Donna)
• The weather, the mystery run,the final destination and dinner were all wonderful – a big thanks to John, Pauline and Donna. By the way, I am sooooooooooo happy to know where Highway 635 South is !
Almost forgot to mention, everyone else got the same prize as the ‘winners !
For a slideshow of the day click on the link below !
Mystery Run
Written by Kelly Kelly and posted by Tom Hiltz aka ( redvette )
Winners Again in Florida
• After putting in a
winning performance on John Thompson's Mystery Run just before coming to
Florida, we participated in the Joshua House Rallye today in the St.
Petersburg peninsula. John's run was the primer that we needed to win the
rallye today organized by Bay Area Corvette Club. This rallye is organized
to support Joshua House Foundation, Inc., an organization that tends to
abused children in the Tampa Bay area. They collected a truck load of toys
for the deserving kids for Christmas. Joanne and I were the winners. It
was our first run with The Tampa Bay Posse. Joanne and I are pictured above with
the truck load of toys at the end of the rallye. There is also a picture of
Joanne wearing the colours of our new club and there is a picture of one of
the gals wearing a Corvette Fever shirt with a remedy for the fever.
Weather was perfect when we first came down....90 degrees but this
weekend brought a severe cold front (for which I have taken the abuse, as
everyone says it's a Canadian cold front brought down by the Canadian!).
It's supposed to warm up this week.
Enjoying Florida. Just wanted to pass along the news and thank John
Thompson for the experience at his run. That's two in a row.
Written by Bob Cromwell and Joanne and posted by Tom Hiltz aka ( redvette )

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