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Sunday, January 22, 2012

RVV "After Christmas Christmas Party " 2012

IMG_8890 by redvette
IMG_8890, a photo by redvette on Flickr.
River Valley Vettes held the annual "After Christmas Christmas Party" Saturday night at Rick Kelly's home.Outside was freezing but inside things were hot with John Thompson's games and the great food on the tables. A total of 30 members showed for the "Pot Luck" , "Yankee Swap" evening! Was nice to see Roger and Angie Bourgeois up from the Moncton club and Danny and Karen from Woodstock.John's entertaining games and new version of the Yankee Swap made things a very exciting and fun filled evening! President Vernon Patriquin and Secretary John Johnston each gave their presentation of some possible new hats and coats for the club. Now the problem of getting everyone to agree on what style is another story but the coats will be black.
Thanks to Rick for opening his home again this year to the club and hope we didn't cause too much damage.
For more pictures of the evening click below!
Written and posted by Tom Hiltz aka redvette

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Corvette - poor man's plow !

Corvette  -  poor man's plow ! by redvette
Corvette - poor man's plow !, a photo by redvette on Flickr.
Arnie's still diggin' out ! The way we plow in New Brunswick ! Waste no time !!!!!!
Posted by Tom Hiltz aka redvette 

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

RVV Member Birthday

Tuesday , Jan. 10th is River Valley Vette member , John Johnston's birthday. Happy Birthday John, have a good one !!!!!!!!!!!!!! "Count your life by smiles, not tears.Count your age by friends, not years !"
Cheers !

Written and posted by Tom Hiltz aka redvette

Sunday, January 8, 2012

RVV Members Birthday

Friday evening some members of River Valley Vettes got together at Fairley's Sport Bar in Oromocto to help member Sam Dow celebrate his birthday. Members attending were Kelly and Leigh Kelly, John Johnston , Tom and Lois Hiltz and Vernon and Julia Patriquin. It was Karaoke night so Kelly and Sam hit the stage and entertained us all. A great time was had by all !!!!!!!!!!!
For a few pics of the night , click on link below !
Written and posted by Tom Hiltz aka redvette

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