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Sunday, August 21, 2016

R.V.V. at Houlton's Hogan Tire Event:

R.V.V. at Houlton's Hogan Tire Event:
It was a sunny August Saturday and a calm and leisurely drive to Houlton, Me. for R.V.V. members who attended the above outing. Uncertain expectations were soon put to rest as members were very impressed with the size, organization and many free offerings in which to participate. No registration fee, free food, six sets ( 4 ) of tires given away, free bicycles, free coolers, dozens of small give aways, two monster trucks c/w demos. and more in addition to lots of very eye pleasing automobiles. 
  For more pics click the  link below !
Posted by Tom Hiltz aka redvette

Monday, August 1, 2016

N.B. Day in Hartland

Well, talk about your well kept secret!! This was it! R.V.V. had nothing planned for this week-end until Frank P. gave us a heads-up re the above. Although no members participated in Saturday's parade we had four Corvettes accept the invitation re the above celebration. It was a small car show, ( no awards, no detailing, no fees etc ) just show up and park on the closed Main Street. The covered bridge was also closed to traffic but was filled with vendors through the entire length. There were bands playing, all kinds of food stands, bingo, silent auction, line dancers rocking to different kinds of music. All of this and more under a beautiful sunny sky!!
Written by Vernon Patriquin (President)
Posted by Tom Hiltz aka redvette 

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Fiberglass Alley 2011

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