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Monday, November 12, 2007

We plow snow" FAST" and "IN STYLE" up here in Canada

Kelly looks like she's getting ready to do some pretty
serious plowing here. A few members from the "River
Valley Vettes" went for a short Ride to Harvey to visit
a few members and see how John and Pauline Thompson's
new home was coming along.Kelly Kelly, Kevin Douglas,
Ron and Anne Gould along with myself and Lois made
one more run before bad weather sets in.On the way back
we stopped in to see Peter and Marilyn Wood for a refreshment
and a chat. As we came on to the highway on the way home
we met up with a red C6 roadster out for a spin and drove
with him back to Fredericton. A cold day but it seems those
horses have more get up and go in that cold weather.
For some photos click on the link below !
Written and posted by Tom Hiltz aka [ redvette ]

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