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Thursday, March 19, 2009

River Valley Vette Bowling (HARVEY STYLE)

Bowling Harvey Style.
Practice, Sunday 15 March
Bowling Rules by John Thompson:
First String, First box bowl with right hand
Second box bowl with left hand.
Second String, Normal Bowling.
Last string only 3 boxes, Women bowl normal bowling,
Men bowl two boxes normal, last box backwards.
Now that we have rules straightened out, lets get on to the day in Harvey. Eighteen members showed up to bowl and had a lot of laughs and a good time. As you can tell by rules this was very serious bowling, (Harvey Style). As you can tell, scores were not too high, except our resident Harvey bowler, Peter Wood, who bowling score for 1 string was 119. Now would you say that he is a good bowler or just used to Harvey rules? Other scores we will not discuss. Now as you can see when the competition comes between clubs, R.V.V. Members are ready for anything
After bowling was over, some went over to John & Pauline's new home to see how the work is coming along, and it is a lovely home and John is a perfectionist when it comes to building a home. Everyone was impressed. A lot of hard work has gone into building this home which he hopes to have completed by June this year. From there we all went to Peter & Marilyn's home for a pot luck supper. Food was great We all want to thank our host and hostess for opening their home to the members. At this time we all would like to thank John T. for his preparation and imagination for the bowling and the interesting rules. We also had a birthday cake for John T. Happy 60th Birthday John.
Members attending were, John & Pauline Thompson, Peter & Marilyn Wood, Arnie & Gloria Adams, John & Dawn Garwood, Rick Kelly & Margie Goodin, Ron & Anne Gould, Danny :& Karen Calhoun, Malcolm & Simone MacDonald, Vern & Julia Patriquin.
Saint John & Moncton Clubs watch out, after this we are ready for the competition on 4 April. This should be our year to bring home the trophy for sure.
Just look at the pictures and you can see we are certified pros.
For pictures click on the link below !
Written by Ron Gould and posted by Tom Hiltz aka ( redvette )

1 comment:

  1. Hey Tom-I didn't see you in the batters box.They must be holding you back as the secret weapon for Moncton.Well,come and eat some pizza anyway!!


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