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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

RVV Members Tuesday Night Ice Cream Run

Five cars from RVV meet at Kelly's Court in Fredericton to go on an ice cream run.Ron and Anne Gould , Vernon and Julia Patriquin, Malcom and Simone MacDonald, Jim and Fran Good and Kelly Kelly with Harleigh were the members on the run. Beautiful evening with warm temperatures was a nice change from the rain !
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Written and posted by Tom Hiltz aka ( redvette ).Pictures supplied by Kelly Kelly 
Finally - a Tuesday night without rain.....actually,it was a warm night when four convertibles and a coupe met in front of Kellys Court office. All tops were down ! the Patriquins, Goods, MacDonalds, Goulds and the Kellys........(HDK and I) We headed downriver to the Big Pumpkin for our weekly treat - there was a bit of fighting with mosquitoes.... we soon discovered that they were after ankles and arms, not ice cream. We talked, laughed and solved many of the world`s problems. Looking forward to many more Tuesday night ice cream runs and we hope to see more corvettes out. Every Tuesday (except meeting nights) during the summer.
Written by Kelly Kelly and inspired by HDK.

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