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Sunday, October 20, 2013

RVV Last Run of the Year to Calais

Sunday was the last planned trip of RVV of the corvetting season.It started off a little damp but by the time we got to Calais , the sun broke out.A great turnout of 14 cars I believe. Started off by shopping at Walmart , Mardens and VIP stores and ended up back in Canada for a delicious seafood dinner at Comeau's. A great way to spend a Sunday and fun was had by all !
For a look at some pics from the day , click on the link below !
Pictures by Tom Hiltz and Posted and written by Tom Hiltz aka redvette

Corvettes, Calais & Comeau’s: What started as at delayed, damp, rag tag start to the run with an extended wait at the Calais border ended with sunny skies, smiley faces and full tummies as R.V.V. members participated in what will probably be their final club run of the season. Fifteen Corvettes singed-up for this run and we actually had twelve Corvettes and a Monte Carlo show-up. Calais was the first stop and member’s Corvettes could be seen moving or stopped on many of Calais’s streets and parking lots. Members visited Wal Mart, V.I.P., Mardens, Tractor Supply ( ? ), gas bars etc in scurry that would remind one of a bust ant hill. Next stop was Comeau’s Restaurant in Pennfield where members enjoyed great seating, great food and excellent service. On the return home portion some members chose Rte. 7 while others chose Rte. 3. Each choosing the closest to home run. Members participating were: Vernon & Julia, Tom & Lois, Mark & Wanda, Dave & Judy,  Mac & Simone, Wayne, Danny & Karen, Charles & Minerva, John & Pauline, Peter & Marilyn, Laurie & Sherry, Harley & Pat and Rick & Lisa.
Written by club President Vernon Patriquin

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