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Monday, October 16, 2006

Campobello Island Tour

11 vettes make their way to Harvey
Originally uploaded by redvette.

11 vettes met at Clark's on a crisp October morning to go to Harvey for a tour of Briggs and Little Woolen Mill and then on to Campobello Island. It was to be Pauline Thompson, our Prsident's Run and probably the last run of the year before everyone puts their cars to sleep .Making the run to Harvey were Joe and Charlene Travis ,Alfred Kenny ,Jim and Fran Good , Dale and Leanne Case , Charles and Minerva Gormley ,Paul and Judy Melanson , Kelly Kelly and her friend Pauline ,John and Jean Johnston , Raymond and Kathleen Cromwell , Ron and Anne Gould , and Tom and Lois Hiltz.There we met up with John and Pauline Thompson and joined by Peter and Marilyn Wood and Arnie and Gloria Adams.
John gave us an infomative and interesting tour of his woollen company.
From Harvey we went on to Calais to meet our tour guide Tom Webster at Mardens. We then went on to Machias for dinner and on to Campobello Island for a trip around the island.
I'd like to thank Tom Webster on behalf of the River Valley Vettes for his infomative tour of Campobello.
Posted by Tom Hiltz aka [ redvette ]

For photos of run to Campobello Island click on link below

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