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Monday, August 15, 2011

Harvey Community Days 2011

What happens in Harvey, stays in Harvey. ( not all )
The Saturday weather was perfect as 3 Corvettes met at O'leary's and made their way to Harvey to join 3 more R.V.V. Corvettes for the Harvey Community Days Parade. Participating members included Wanda Gadd, Tom & Lois Hiltz, Vernon & Julia Patriquin, John & Pauline Thompson, Peter Wood and Granddaughter and Arnie Adams & Grandson. The 9:30 form up at the High School was very well organized as was the entire parade!! We threw candy to the kids, had each car acknowledged at the reviewers stand, glowed with pride at all the envious comments from the hundreds of spectators and arrived at the Fair Grounds at 10:45. We viewed some incredible antique engines, crafts, lots of games etc. and eventually made our way to the Thompson residence. Because of threats of bodily harm I can't reveal too much about the next 4 hours except to say that food was involved as was wobbly pop, a party barge tour of Harvey Lake, a topless person and a very, very giggly female from Geary. All of that plus a memorable run home in time to go the stock car races!! You will have to consult a participant for details.
For a slideshow of the day click below ! 
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Written by Vernon Patriquin and posted by Tom Hiltz aka ( redvette )

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