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Sunday, September 18, 2016

RVV Corvettes at Bangor

RVV at Bangor for car show !

R.V.V in Bangor
When is the main event not always the main event? Read on. Six R.V.V. Corvettes attended the Wheels on the Waterfront show on Saturday, Sept. 10th. in Bangor, Me. The week-end began with a misty Friday morning drive to Bangor followed by wow lunch at Nick's Cruisin Diner. Lunch was followed by free time until all gathered for a very scenic cruise to Ellisworth and a wow free meal catered to by Darling's Chevrolet. Meanwhile, back at the motel the evening was capped off by a Corvette wash and a wowgathering in 415.
Saturday morning offered more shopping for some spouses and off to a wow  Car Show for the Corvettes. John J. And Kevin A. both won in their class!! The Saturday evening Casino visit was as interesting as usual with winners / losers at the buffet, slots and a live band.
The homeward bound Sunday drive was preceded by yet another visit to Nick's for a group breakfast followed by a Marden's stop in Lincoln, Me. Sooo, the main event of the week-end could have been any one of about six activities. Did I mention the good food at Nick's??
Written by club president Vernon Patriquin
Click the link below to view pics !
Pics sent by David Griggs
Posted by Tom Hiltz aka redvette

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