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Sunday, September 18, 2016

RVV Fundy Trail Run 2016

Sept. 17th. - R.V.V. visits The Fundy Trail
First and foremost a huge thank-you to Dave & Judy Griggs for organizing and hosting a truly great run! Five R.V.V Corvettes participated and those who missed this outing missed some truly spectacular scenery. Highlights of the run included a Tim's enroute stop in Sussex, a very scenic country road drive to St. Martins, some absolutely eye popping and humbling raw natural scenery, some mouth watering seafood at the Caves Restaurant, a stop at a century old B&B / antique / comfort food home and a drive home that saw an encounter with a dog, a deer, a mother bear and her two cubs and a yearling moose! Oh Yes, members need to ask the girls about the six cheeks in the woods at P2. Very funny.
Written by president of RVV , Vernon Patriquin
Pictures sent by David Griggs !
Posted by Tom Hiltz aka redvette

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