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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Trip to Grand Manan Island

Grand Manan was really FUN FUN FUN !!!! When I got up Sunday at 5 AM., it was raining cats and dogs...made me SO happy that I had cleaned the vette on Saturday evening....BUT, being the 'optimistic gal that I am...(not to mention stubborn and determined) I took off toward Grand Manan and less than an hour later I was in the Westfield area where I picked up my co-pilot,Bob. (he was standing by road waving me down ! ) Got to ferry less than an hour later...(after hearing passenger's view on shifting, etc. I thought , oh s---, a backseat driver and I don't even have a backseat! TRUST ME, that all worked out - no problem - Bob has now decided he wd like to hire me as his full time chauffeur..we are having a hard time settling on pay scale.....can you imagine THAT ?
We (KK and MR CROMWELL were # 3 in line at FERRY - only corvette there ! While discussiing 'what are we going to do ???? We lost place in the line; shortly after, another vette arrived...Mike Brown! Not too long later, three more arrived.........LOOKING GOOD !! (Doug and Gloria,Raymond and Kathleen, Angie & Roger)
GRAND MANAN - here we come....thanks to Raymond, we met the Captain and learned all there was to know about being a Captain on the ferry to Grand Manan.......some very interesting facts and stories....John Pattison and friend, Dennis,were waiting near the now, INFAMOUS sign when we drove off the ferry....hope it shows well in pictures !
A little rain did not dampen our spirits...the tour continued as planned...We toured the Island of Grand Manan from every angle possible...saw lighthouses,beaches,great scenery, lots of homes/cottages for sale, (I LOVED the ashes- thanks for pointing that out, John !!) The Grand Mananians - is that a word ? - loved us...the dulse factory was a favourite for everyone..learned ALL about dulse and EXACTLY what it can do...I was able to add my own little detail that made a few people start (over)eating it............We had lunch at a place that made great peanut butter fudge and good food BUT seemed to not appreciate our 'big crowd ...later hand-fed and 'force-fed that fudge to the rest of this courageous 'not afraid of the weather group....
Did you know there is a "CENTIPED" game on the ferry ? Got my name in for a high score !!!! Surely that impresses someone.
There was even SHOPPING !!!! and more food !!!!! and a lot of 'frugal remarks made toward MY passenger......Oh, and BEST YET, the rain cleared leaving us with a full afternoon of comfy corvette weather for scooting around the Island !!
Did I forget to mention ?? IT WAS A GREAT TIME...darn,I love having this 'new (to me) vette......and, i don't even mind that it will take a LONG time to get the car clean !!!A VERY long time !

When we arrived at Grand Manan, we were tickled to meet new (to us) corvetters....Carl and Bev Cheney....and as we drove around Grand Manan, we were seeing Bev's name on a lot of signs !!!!!! Now , doesn't that make you all curious !!!! We all look forward to them joining us on the 'mainland for future events !
Written by Kelly Kelly and posted by Tom Hiltz [redvette]

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