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Monday, August 7, 2006

On the way to St John's Show & Shine

Here we make 14 cars
Originally uploaded by redvette.

Well, finally some people came out of their shell and decided to go for a run with the club . Nice to see we had 14 cars make the run to St. John's 7th Annual Show and Shine and a pretty site it was to see on the road.
Making the trip down was Peter and Marilyn Wood,leading the way,Ron and Anne Gould,John and Pauline Thompson, Paul Melanson and his son Ted, Danny Nason,Paul Moore ,Jim Hamilton and Carman Schwartz, Dale Case,Kelly Kelly,Joe and Charlene Travis, Vernon and Julia Patriquin ,Ed Clark and Tom and Lois Hiltz ! The weather was perfect for a car show and the company was great and I would like to thank Cyril McNeil and Roger Herrington along with the other members of "Corvettes of Southern New Brunswick" for putting on an excellent show again this year.
"River Valley Vettes" received the trophy for club participation with 12 registered cars and 2 that didn't register !
Congratulations to Joe and Charlene Travis for taking 2nd place in their class with their 1978 red coupe.
Kelly by the way slow down I was just trying to take your picture not trying to race you.Anyway we know what you look like at 180.

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