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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Corvettes in Tabusintac

Corvettes in Tabusintac
Originally uploaded by redvette.

Here are a few shots of a good freind of mines car. He was nice enough to pay us a visit at our property in Tabusintac. See although we were not around for the Saint John show or the mystery run we were still doing things Corvette. Not only did he not mind the quarter mile dirt driveway ,he also let me spend some time behind the wheel of this 2005 6 spd drop top beauty with Corsa exhaust. Man that thing sounds great going through the gears. I have now fulfilled my goal of having driven every generation of Corvette. Special thanks to my great freind and fellow Tabusintacker Robert Breau who always lets me drive it like I stole it. I am back in town, Alfred

Written by Alfred Kenny and posted by Tom Hiltz [redvette]

For better pictures click on the link below

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