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Thursday, August 31, 2006

Corvette Crash near Moncton

Corvette Crash near Moncton
Originally uploaded by redvette.

Corvette Crash that had the accident on Highway 11, just outside Buctouche, on Friday For those who have not read the story, our Premier’s entourage was traveling in a bus when a white corvette passed them at a relatively high speed. The RCMP on board the bus called in the speeder. Unknown to the group on the bus, the RCMP HQ had just received a call that a contractor, hauling a large enclosed utility trailer, carrying his tools, had a mishap whereby the hitch broke from the frame of the truck, leaving the trailer in the middle of Highway 11. Ok, now don’t get ahead of me. As the RCMP were responding to the trailer call… ok, you can get ahead of me, since now you likely have pictured the corvette hitting into the trailer as they were going too fast to realize the trailer wasn’t moving. The vette exploded and the RCMP were able to retrieve the driver and passenger, who are still in the hospital with serious injuries.On Sunday, Leon Caissie (a.k.a. Big Bird) called a friend to find out where the vette might be, since Dwight, whose 79 was stolen 3 weeks ago, couldn’t get a definite answer from the police to state whether that was his vette Kasper or not. They said there wasn’t enough left of the car to tell. Ya right. You think we can’t tell what year that thing was even after it exploded? Give us corvette owners some credit.
Well, had it not been for the one remaining wheel, the RCMP were right….you couldn’t even tell it was a vette. It could have been a Fiero based on the remaining evidence
Written by Angie Bourgeois GMCC and Posted by Tom Hiltz [redvette] RVV

For better pictures click on the link below !

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